A few weeks ago Google presented its interesting Hotel Insights tool, which provides hotels with information about users interested in staying in the areas in which they are located and provides resources to increase the visibility of their websites on Google and improve the performance of their activity.

NB: This is an article from mirai, one of our Expert Partners

In the framework of this launch, Google presented some success stories in order to demonstrate the different ways of improving results through the options offered by the search engine. One of those success stories is about Princess Hotels, a hotel chain that manages its Digital Marketing strategy with Mirai.

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The success story explains how, through the use of a smart bidding strategy, in collaboration with Google and Mirai, the Caribbean division of Princess Hotels managed to capture greater demand on Google Ads (+41% in click volume compared to the previous period), and increase its conversion by +38%, also compared to the previous period, while maintaining its good levels of acquisition cost and ROI, at a time of great instability.

According to Pere Jordi Estivill, Head of Digital and Web Marketing (Caribbean) at Princess Hotels, “Together with Mirai, we now have an improved data process that allows us to optimise our investment and makes it easier for us to identify opportunities and increase conversion with a resort-adjusted CPA”.

Read on for more of this success story:

The challenge

At a time when demand is unstable and every moment counts, Princess Hotels wanted to increase sales volume through paid search campaigns, while maintaining good levels of acquisition cost and ROI.

The approach

Implementing smart bidding strategies to capture demand with higher purchase intent. Being more relevant, identifying those audiences with the greatest potential for impact on the business.

Partnering with Mirai Digital Marketing

Princess Hotels & Resorts, Caribbean division, in partnering with Mirai and Google team, implemented smart bidding strategies to paid search campaigns with the aim to capture more demand. Working parameters were clear. We had to manage to increase the conversion volume and maintaining an adequate acquisition cost.

We knew it could have an impact on visibility, but what we really did was to leave out purchase intention. We achieved it by applying an specific CPA for each Resort and main feeder markets, knowing that properties and markets perform

The results

We’ve learnt a lot from this process. By activating smart bidding strategies with a fine tuned target CPA, has clearly improved results. And we have been able to identify new opportunities to grow while maintaining still worthy levels of ROAS.

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