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From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead Video Interview YouTube Thumbnail

From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead

In this discussion we talk about the Beonprice brand evolution to BEONx, what BEONx is, sustainable profitability and digitalization

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High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotel Industry Adapt Interview YouTube Thumbnail - SSP

High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotels Adapt

With the dichotomy of higher prices, increasing costs and the continuing staffing challenge we ask how might the hotel industry adapt over the coming years

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Hotel Gig Economy Study 2022 Strategic Solution Partners SSP Video YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Gig Economy Study 2022: Strategic Solution Partners

We catch up with Bill and Jacqueline a couple of weeks before they release their latest study into the gig economy and it’s relevance for the hotel sector

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It is decision intelligence, not business intelligence that is key, hoteliq video youtube thumbnail

It’s Decision Intelligence, Not Business Intelligence, That Is Key

Apo defines decision intelligence; outlines how data is only valuable when organised, analysed and acted on; why forecasting is not a one snapshot task

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Guest Stay Optimization: Battleground for guests' hearts and minds Jurrnee event thumbnail

Guest Stay Optimization (GSO): Battleground For Guests’ Hearts & Minds

Guest Stay Optimization (GSO). The entire guest journey isn’t just about their booking or even about their actual stay; there are many touchpoints

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Reputation Management: You Know It Affects ADR Don't You? Jurrnee event thumbnail

Reputation Management: You Know It Affects ADR Don’t You? [Event Replay]

Hear how maintaining a strong online reputation can help hotels drive bookings, stand out from the competition online and maintain profitability

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Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels How to Bring Them Together mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels: How to Bring Them Together?

Do you hear people talk about moving potential guests through the funnel and wondering what they mean? Well this discussion might be of interest to you

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Direct Booking: Isn't It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay] jurrnee event thumbnail

Direct Booking: Isn’t It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay]

Is it possible for non-branded properties, with smaller marketing budgets, to win the direct booking “war”? If so, how?

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PMS: Does Your Hotel's Heart Need a Bypass? Event Replay thumbnail

PMS: Does Your Hotel’s Heart Need a Bypass? [Event Replay]

Is the PMS truly the “heart” of the tech stack? Or is it the CRS/RMS; we know those companies would claim that each is the true “heart” of any property

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HTA 101 - Business Intelligence Turn Data Into Dollars Online Event Thumbnmail

Business Intelligence: Turn Data into Dollars [Event Replay]

Wondering what Business Intelligence solutions are & how they can help optimize your revenue management strategy? Confused about all the high-tech buzzwords

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