man being led by carrots reflecting the value to hotels of driving direct sales rather than relying on OTAs

How to Maintain or Increase Your Direct Sales Quota Post Pandemic

Ensuring your direct sales maintain their quota is in your hands. If you wait for everything to return to normal, OTA’s will be the ones to exploit change.

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two people having fun looking through donuts reflecting how hotels should view their marketing in a different way

A New Way to Look at Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns

Marketing should understand where the gaps in occupancy and segments lie and work backwards to create plans to fill those gaps

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laptop screen showing tripadvisor website

Tripadvisor Plus: How Will it Work?

Opinions on TripAdvisor Plus seem fairly unanimous that it is a sound strategy on the part of the platform especially during this economic crisis

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Google Travel Adds Vacation Rentals Alongside Hotels in Search Results

But while this is a first for Google, the idea of surfacing both hotels and rentals in one search result has been offered for some time by OTAs

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Tripadvisors’ New Netflix Style Subscription: Tripadvisor Plus

No one has tackled the travel subscription market at scale and TripAdvisor is almost uniquely placed to do this. They have the potential to have real impact

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Metasearch: The Rate Parity Battleground for 2021

Ask a revenue manager why they lose sleep at night, and you might hear a few mentions of uncontracted OTAs and booking sites that pop up in metasearch

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A Deep Dive Into Metasearch

Metasearch is arguably one of the most important channels for hotel marketers. 2 out of 3 independent hotels receive direct bookings from metasearch engines

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How to Maximize the Impact of Google’s Free Booking Links

If you’re not participating in metasearch yet, free booking links are a fantastic opportunity to get connected and start driving some extra traffic

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video thmbnail image for interview ith pablo delgado ceo of mirai talking about the new google free booking links for hotels

Google Free Booking Links – Less Theory, The Hotel Results Are In !!

It is important to understand Free Booking Links are only present in My Business (travel) hotel site and not in other popular Google Hotel Ads placements

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Answers to Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Google Hotel Ads

Google ‘Free’ offer feels like a move to encourage hotels to try this channel by offering “free” organic traffic to drive more ad spend in Google Hotel Ads

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