3 Ways to Start Boosting Your Hotel’s Incremental Revenue Today

Offering ancillary services isn’t just about boosting revenue. First and foremost it’s ensuring your guests have the perfectly tailored stay they desire

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4 Behaviour Myths Stopping Guests From Booking (And How To Fix It)

Understanding how your guests plan their holidays and what they look for, you can make sure your hotel website meets their needs and converts to booking

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Working with OTAs: The Indirect Distribution Dilemma

Overall results show benefits of participating with OTAs substantially outweigh the costs, resulting in clear and substantial boost to hotels’ bottom line

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How to Evaluate Your Property’s Performance: From RevPar to CPOR and Beyond

The aim is to describe the main KPIs typically adopted by a hotel to support their business analysis, ranging from RevPAR, RevPAC, CPOR to NPS and beyond

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sad face reflecting how technology claims about increasing revpar are not always delivered

Why RevPAR Increase Marketing Claims Can be BS

It makes sense to let algorithms do much of the price change and a half decent RMS should deliver. But the question is – by how much will my RevPAR go up?

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yellow door amongst white doors reflecting occupancy balance needed in a hotel now we are in the staycation world

What is Your Optimum Occupancy Percentage in This Staycation World?

Staycation is here to stay. Strong occupancy is here to stay but the question remains for us all… how much occupancy is too much?

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two puzzle pieces coming together like a hotel aligning it's distribution and marketing to boost revenue

How to Align Your Distribution and Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue

Many hotels don’t include direct within their distribution cost calculations, but for most hotels their costs of direct are around 8%+ of distribution

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Why the Future Must Include a GOPPAR Index

What would things look like if a number three or four REVPAR index brand delivered a number one or two GOPPAR performance?

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hotel contactless touchless technology

How Hospitality is Adapting to a Contactless World

Contactless tech is here to stay, and we’ve already seen how it doesn’t need to be a barrier to good service – in fact, it can enrich a guest’s experience

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Making Sense of Your Competitive Landscape Today

Hoteliers must ask themselves: what happened to their competitive environment, who are their competitors, and what impact are they having on their hotel?

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