pins in a map reflecting importance to hotels of ensuring their local listings are as effective as possible

Primary Local Listings Checklist for Hotels

To ensure higher guest satisfaction and higher conversion rates online, hotels should regularly audit local listings as part of their entire online presence

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sign showing rooms available reflecting importance to hotels of ecommerce strategies to increase online booking

11 Hotel eCommerce Strategies For Selling More Rooms Online

Success in eCommerce is about more than visibility. It’s also about providing a frictionless booking experience – guest expectations are higher than ever

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The Reasons Why Customers Use (And So Do I)

Thanks for great service. Or should I say, “thanks hotel for rolling out the red carpet to so that they can roll it out for me?”

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different coloured pawn pieces reflect importance to hotels of guest segmentation to improve offers, revenue and satisfaction

Offer Segmentation: How to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Offer segmentation is a critical strategy for hotels looking to increase revenue, improve guest satisfaction, and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace

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Slow Recovery of Chinese Tourism Industry Tells us a Lot

Covid naturally undermined tourism demand. The weak Chinese yuan against the dollar is also affecting purchasing power of Chinese outbound tourists

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Now is The Time For a Restart in Hotel Tech!

For hotels, there is a critical need to become more tech savvy if they are to make smart decisions and thrive in a difficult and turbulent environment

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Total Revenue Management for Future Focused Decision Makers

Getting a good overview of the on-the-books data, pick-up pace, and forecasts of all the revenue sources in a hotel operation offers numerous benefits

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Fair Prices: Solving Hotel Rate Disparity for Owners and Managers

The elusive spectre of hotel rate disparity has long haunted the industry, causing frustration and confusion for both customers and hoteliers alike

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Part 2: Digital Marketing Mega Trends Turning Business on Its Head

Marketing has a role to play in attracting and retaining lifetime advocates, but our job is not to spend an outsized amount of focus on top of the funnel

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Do You Need to Update Your Website?

If your website looks like it’s from the ’90s, potential guests will assume your hotel is stuck in the past. Let’s dive into why an updated website is vital

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