SEO Best Practices To Boost Your Hotel Website

With this return to travel, there is also a return of competition from OTAs and booking websites – making SEO optimisation for your hotel website crucial

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The Hotel Lobby: Your Gateway to Upselling Success

The hotel lobby holds a significant role in shaping the guest experience from the moment they step foot into your establishment

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Hotel Overbooking: Balancing Risks and Guest Satisfaction

The decision to engage in hotel overbooking should be carefully considered, striking a balance between maximizing revenue and ensuring guest satisfaction

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graphs of quarterly report illustrating why hotels need to move beyond discounts and find ways to drive revenue without sacrificing profit

Beyond Discounts: How to Drive Revenue without Sacrificing Profit

We explore creative and effective strategies that go beyond discounts to drive revenue growth while maintaining healthy profit levels

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How controlling your hotel pricing could increase bookings by 34% mirai video discussion thumbnail

How Controlling Your Hotel Pricing Could Increase Bookings by 34%

Pablo outlines concisely, how losing control of your pricing could mean hoteliers missing out on a potential 34% increase in bookings

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tiktok logo and follow button on mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of their new search ads feature

Unveiling TikTok Search Ads: The Next Wave in Digital Advertising?

TikTok search ads are making waves. Having now been officially launched, this feature promises to reshape the contours of digital advertising

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tree line room reflecting the rise of experiential hospitality and the challenge to drive revenue and profit with high occupancy

Experiential Hospitality and the Levers to Drive Revenue and Profit

Experiential hotels typically run occupancies over 90%. So there is little optimization from volume. Where do we find levers to drive Revenue and Profit?

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Leverage Personalization for More Cost Effective Direct Bookings

Focusing on improving guest satisfaction through personalization, independent hotels can earn recommendations leading to a steady stream of direct bookings

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Revenue Management: It’s Not Just for Revenue Managers Anymore

Revenue management is not just Excel spreadsheets and data analysis. Nor is it a magic discipline that only special people should have access to

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laptop with a hotel website on the screen illustrating the power of website url customization

The Power of Website URL Customization in the Hotel Industry

Website URL customization might seem a minor technical detail, but it can have a significant impact on your hotel’s online success

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