turned over shopping trolley reflecting impact of booking abandonment

Overcome Booking Abandonment With Hotel Website Personalization

With direct bookings performing strongly, it’s never been more important for hoteliers to boost conversion rates and reduce abandonment

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Why You Need to Adapt to Google’s Search Generative Experience

Not only are you going to see image and video rich results along with generative AI answers, but you can now use images as part of your prompts/queries

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expedia logo in background and on mobile phone

Expedia Best Practices and Special Programs on Offer

We focus on the specifics, best practices and other aspects of and about Expedia and give you a brief guide to set yourself up in the best possible way

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Hotel Website Design Tips to Drive Direct Bookings

A well-designed website can be a powerful tool for hotels to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive online marketplace

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Increase Your Direct Bookings with 6 Powerful Urgency Tactic

Here are a few examples of urgency tactics. Each of these leverages the psychology of urgency to drive conversions and increase sales.

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person on a laptop making a hotel bookings either via and ota or direct on the hotel website

Hotel Direct Bookings vs. Hotel Bookings from OTAs

A well-rounded approach combining strengths of direct bookings and OTAs will help hoteliers maximize their revenue potential and enhance guest experience

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3 Steps To Reaching And Converting Your Hotel’s Target Audience

When it comes to terminology, it’s easy to mix up ‘target market’ and ‘target audience’. It’s essential you distinguish and identify both properly

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Why HyperCommerce is the Future for Hotels

HyperCommerce is about creating a system that inspires hotels to deliver a remarkable experience to guests, wherever they can be reached in the online world

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Hotel Direct Booking Video 3 Thumbnail image for discussion with Userguest Cendyn and Cloudbeds about ways Hotels can increase their chance to convert those lookers into bookers

Hotel Direct Booking (Pt3): Turn Your Lookers into Bookers

Today, in the final video 3, our panel consider ways Hotels can increase their chance to convert those guests looking into direct booking

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man on laptop visiting website maybe signing up to a hotel newsletter for a future trip

Best Practices for Boosting Newsletter Signups for Your Hotel

One good way to grow your marketing database is by featuring a compelling hotel newsletter subscription message on your website to capture opt-in contacts

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