10 Effective Link Building Strategies for Hotels

This article is about strategies that could lead to link building opportunities, creating relationships and turning those relationships into opportunities

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Discover the Importance of Having a Bespoke Website Design

Opting for a bespoke website design allows for the seamless integration of your brand’s identity and personality into your online presence.

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How to Drive Bookings along the Path to Purchase

The average path to purchase length – from when a traveler starts thinking about taking a trip to when they book – is 71 days (more than two months!)

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man on laptop possibly a hotel guest booking a room online

Hotel Booking Psychology: Understanding the Guest Journey to Yes

From the initial spark of desire to travel to the final decision to book, multiple factors play a role in shaping the guest booking decision

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Introducing Google AI Powered Search Generative Experience

While Search Generative Experience is making waves, there’s still a lot we have yet to learn as Google actively experiments and tests the AI-powered product

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person writing on a diary in the month of november possibly a hotel marketeer mapping our black friday plans

Two Weeks Until Black Friday: 5 Strategies to Boost Direct Sales

Black Friday is just around the corner! Don’t let the OTAs be the only ones to take advantage of it! Here are our recommendations for success

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Maximize Hotel Exposure with Google AdSense New “Related Search” Feature

Google AdSense has rolled out a game-changing feature that could redefine the way you engage with potential guests: the “Related Search” within Auto Ads

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a person clicking on a laptop and a pixelated hand reflecting importance of adopting automation in hotel digital marketing to develop great hotel booking journeys

7 Ways to Automate Great Hotel Booking Journeys

We outline how automation and A.I. can be used to save you time (and budget!) at every stage of the customer booking journey

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gift with black friday tag next to a laptop and mouse reflecting importance of black friday to hoteliers and the need to identify best practices for success

Boosting Black Friday Success: Best Practices for Hotels

The success experienced by hotels in 2022, with notable increases in conversion and click rates, underscores the potential impact of Black Friday promotions

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heart on a keyboard reflecting the importance of setting your hotel apart using innovative direct booking perks to increase conversion rates

Setting Your Hotel Apart: Innovative Direct Booking Perks

By embracing forward-thinking direct booking perks, hotels can create an experience that resonates with the diverse preferences of their guests

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