two people reviewing hotel performance kpis

The Most Important KPIs for Hotels in 2021

When we look at isolated metrics and KPIs, we are only looking at one piece of a puzzle. The concept of leading and lagging indicators can help

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adrienne hanna right revenue who are we

Right Revenue “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Adrienne Hanna

We are delighted to continue our Expert Partner relationship with Right Revenue In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Adrienne Hanna – Founder Adrienne talks about her […]

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Preparing Your Hotel for January Sales

January has typically been one of the strongest hotel booking months of the year. This is one reason why it’s important not to wait until after Christmas

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Acquire Direct Revenue from Early Check-in & Late Check-out

One area where automation can drive revenue opportunities throughout the guest journey is upselling, specifically early check-in and late check out

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thumbnail for video on forward looking data in the hotel industry

Forward Looking Data: Lighting the Way Ahead or Just a Shiny Distraction?

In this video we ask what is Forward Looking Data and how far forward are we looking? Is it the Holy Grail or a just shiny new distraction?

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Increase Your Luxury Hotel Occupancy Rate And Drive More Revenue

Increasing your hotel occupancy rate is the most basic step to success in luxury hotel marketing solutions as room sales directly related to revenue and profit NB: This is an […]

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Hotel Recovery: A Three-Phase Approach As Travel Demand Increases

Optimising all parts of your hotel website and digital strategy will enable you to quickly pivot your offering as needed and ensure long term success

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Drive Hotel Occupancy & Revenue with Creative Staycation Packages

With sights set on local, drive, and domestic markets, hotels can attract more bookings by offering staycation packages during challenging times

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U.S Flips to Positive Hotel Profit as Europe Backslides

The U.S. in October shed the ignominy of being the only global region to have not recorded a positive month of profitability since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. NB: […]

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3 Essential Tools to Boost revenue via hotel upselling

Using Upselling in Hotel Marketing

The practices of upselling and marketing are comparable in that they both aim to induce delight in target audiences, so they part with money

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