Busting Today’s Hotel Distribution Myths

Hotel distribution is a multifaceted domain which presents significant opportunities for growth and revenue optimisation and remains underutilised

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Why Group Revenue is About Risk Management

Transient guests tend to book closer to the stay date. What is better? The guaranteed group business or the potential transient business?

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Maximizing Revenue Streams: Leveraging Day Use Rooms

The modern trend of day-use hotel rooms is a much-needed revenue upgrade on the traditional approach to cater to the dynamic demands of the modern guest

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coins being stacked up to reflect how focusing on the quality of the guest experience can boosts long term revenue

Quality of Guest Experience Focus Boosts Long Term Revenue

What if we focused more on the quality of each guest’s experience? Turns out, investing in guest satisfaction can significantly boost long-term revenue

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graphs which could reflect different hotel pricing highlighting what Is average rate index and why it is a key metric in hotel management

What Is Average Rate Index: A Key Metric in Hotel Management

Average rate index (ARI) is a metric that hoteliers can evaluate performance of their room rates relative to a group of competitors during a specific period

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different coloured pawn pieces reflect importance to hotels of market segmentation to improve offers, revenue and satisfaction

Market Segmentation – Still The Holy Grail!

Which kind of market segmentation can be beneficial and feasible for you and which advantages can be derived from them

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neon hotel vacancy sign reflecting need for hotels to adopt effective revenue management strategies around their room inventory

Revenue Management Is Only For Room Rates: Myth Debunking

While it’s true that pricing plays a crucial role in revenue management, it’s merely one aspect of a broader, more complex strategy

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How to Conduct a Displacement Analysis For Your Hotel

The key metric in such an analysis is displacement: the revenue potential lost – or displaced – by a hotel, incurs when accepting one booking over another

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Beat the Competition: How to Select the Right Comp Set

Regularly reviewing and updating your comp set will ensure your benchmarking remains relevant and you continue to capture a larger market share

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Event Image Hotel Hot Seat Day 2 RMS to the Rescue

Hotel Hot Seat Day 2: RMS to the Rescue (Event Re-Run)

Day 2 of HOTEL HOT SEAT features RMS by Lybra, Hotellistat, XLR8 and BEONx. Revenue management expert speakers include

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