Fact: Guests Will Buy an Early Check In and Late Check Out

Contrary to the prevailing thinking, guests are happy to pay for early check-in and late check-out. When done right, it is a great way to boost revenue

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video thumbnail for discussion on price fairness and price identity

Price Fairness and Price Identity: What Is It and Why Is It Important? (Pt 1)

In part 1 we talk about two topics – price fairness and price identity. In part 2 we will look at how these two elements feed into Customer Lifetime Value

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Though Travel is Low Some Regions Show Signs of Performance Positivity

Though global travel remains stunted, some regions are showing signs of sustained performance positivity. Include AsiaPac and the Middle East on that list

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revenue management consultancy why major branded hotels should consider it video thumbnail image

Should Major Brand Hotels Consider External Revenue Management Consultancy?

Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion Today we are joined by 3 guests: 🔹 LaToya Elam – General Manager at Homewood SuitesAtlanta-Alpharetta, Georgia🔹 Connor Vanderholm – Co-Founder at Topline Revenue🔹 […]

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The Role of Hotel Loyalty Programs in Today’s Environment

The important role of hotel loyalty programs come at a moment where ensuring core business activities are not enough to compete on the market

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4 Issues That Can Lower Your Hotel Forecast Accuracy

Revenue Managers may achieve top line forecasted revenue within 1-2%. But achieving a consistent hotel forecast at the segmentation level is rarely possible

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Luxury Hotel Marketing Strategies 2021: Get Your Recovery Plan Underway

What is a luxury hotel online marketing strategy? Your definition must be based on a holistic approach covering both online and offline activities

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7 Effective Online Upselling and Cross-Selling Strategies for Hotels

While competition increases and new ideas are constantly being thrown out, upselling makes it one of the top actions for hotels to enhance performance

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of revenue managers needing to look forward

Simplify with Tech – Best Strategy for Revenue Managers 2021

Revenue Managers have the reputation for working with number focused, unwieldy reports. Those can be hard to follow for department heads less familiar

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Maximizing Airport Revenue in Era of Smart Data Tech and Personalization

An airport can finally sift through such metrics in a timely manner and can begin to tailor experiences and boost revenue earning opportunities

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