Google’s Cookie Consent Mode V2

You may have heard that from March 6th 2024, Google Cookie Consent Mode v2 will be mandatory for all websites that use Google services

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google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa

Google Kills Metasearch Commission Bidding (CPA): What Next?

The end of google commission based bidding models impacts hotels. We outline options to ensure your metasearch strategy remains high value and impactful

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tROAS for Hotel Campaigns Brings Improved Bidding Accuracy

tROAS for hotel campaigns brings improved bidding accuracy against your performance goals, with additional product improvements to come later this year

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How to Set Up Google Ads Hotel Brand Protection Campaigns

A brand protection campaign might not fail due to poor execution; it could simply be distribution or revenue issues making direct channels less appealing

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google browser on a laptop reflecting importance to hotels of understanding the google hotel ads bid update and how it will impact their campaigns

Google: What are the Free and Paid Hotel Digital Solutions?

Google is working hard to improve solutions for hoteliers. We outline some of the best free and paid tools to help you reach and convert travellers

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person bidding at an auction reflecting google ads bidding for hotel marketing

Hotel Marketing Insights: A Breakdown of Google Ads Bidding

We explore the pros, cons, and best use cases of the most common Google Ads bidding strategy options available today and how each works

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Introducing Google AI Powered Search Generative Experience

While Search Generative Experience is making waves, there’s still a lot we have yet to learn as Google actively experiments and tests the AI-powered product

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Maximize Hotel Exposure with Google AdSense New “Related Search” Feature

Google AdSense has rolled out a game-changing feature that could redefine the way you engage with potential guests: the “Related Search” within Auto Ads

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5 blocks with one of a different colour reflecting the importance to hotels of understanding attribution models in google ads

Hotel Marketing: Understanding Attribution Models in Google Ads

We delve into the different attribution models available in Google Ads and offer valuable insights on what hoteliers should be cautious of

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What Google’s New Guidelines for AI-produced Content Mean for SEO

Any way you look, AI is positioned to be a powerful tool for content production. SEOs who don’t yet know its ins and outs should get serious about learning

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