google name what will be the impact on hotels of the recent eu designation as a gatekeeper

Booking Designated “Gatekeeper”; a New Era for European Hotels

The EC’s decision empowers hotels to connect with the right guests, drive guests to book direct, and grow loyalty and revenue with each guest

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google universal analytics on a laptop

How to Export Historical Data from Google’s Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics properties rely on cookies and independent sessions, which are becoming obsolete in today’s privacy-focused environment

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Google’s March 2024 Core Update: Impacts & Insights

Along with content parameters, the core update included revised spam policies to address the increasingly sophisticated, targeted approaches

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How to Dance with Google: Dealing with SERP Volatility

Monitoring SERP volatility and adapting your strategies is key to maintaining search visibility. You’ll have to dance with Google to maximize its power

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one girl telling the truth to another girl in much the same way this article tells the truth about Google Performance Max (PMax)

Truth About Performance Max (PMax) and What Google Isn’t Telling You

It’s evident there are significant concerns and issues with PMax that Google and other hotel agencies may not be fully disclosing, or just don’t know

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red cross over a mobile phone illustrating third party cookie deprecation in 2024

Cookie Deprecation in 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

Google Chrome’s gradual restriction of third-party cookie drives marketers to adapt their strategies. Here’s what you can do to navigate these changes

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Google’s Hotel Page Makeover: DMA Compliance and Implications

Google, has implemented alterations to comply with DMA regulations. These changes are evident in travel search areas, with a substantial focus on hotels

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How Google Consent Mode V2 Will Impact Hotel Website Traffic In EEA

For hotels to continue tracking guest behaviour on their website and booking engine, hotels will be required to switch on Google Consent Mode

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Google Pauses Low Activity Ad Groups: What Hotels Need to Know

For hotel marketers, this update is a wake-up call to review and refine your Google Ads strategy. Here’s why it’s important

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Google’s Cookie Consent Mode V2

You may have heard that from March 6th 2024, Google Cookie Consent Mode v2 will be mandatory for all websites that use Google services

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