two apples of different types illustrating importance of validating when comparing one hotel rms to another

How to Fix the Validation Problem When Choosing an RMS

A hotelier may decide to choose a ‘cheaper’ RMS system because they think they are saving money but they are overlooking the fact performance is everything

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Promoting Your Hotel as a Wedding Venue

While we are exiting lockdown and wedding guest numbers will increase, they won’t skyrocket overnight. Continue promoting smaller wedding venue packages

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How to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings: 5 Tips to Know

Even if you have a plan in place and see regular direct bookings success, there may still be some gaps to fill. So keep reading for expert tips

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Travel Demand is Back – Is Tourism Ready?

Hoteliers surveyed in March 2021 also seem increasingly confident in significant pent-up consumer demand once local governments lift the travel bans

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people looking at a laptop responding to hotel digital advertising

Digital Advertising Tips and Tricks for Your Hotel

When building campaigns for social media, remember it’s not just intelligent guest segmentation that drives digital marketing success

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Improve 7 Bad Habits to Become a Successful Hotel Revenue Manager

a Revenue manager should not only prepare accurately the strategy, but also be open and flexible, constantly measure the results, and work with technology

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Why Is My Hotel Not Converting Enough Direct Bookings?

As the final stage of the direct bookings process, it’s of key importance that your website and booking engine are at the heart of the customer experience

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Breaking Down Silos, Maximizing Profits: Revenue Management Evolves

In addition to collaborating with the Sales & Marketing Teams to generate revenues, the Revenue team needs to pay more attention to the costs incurred

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Insights Into the Return of Travel

This increase is linked with growing rollout of vaccines and guidelines, as well as travel “bubbles” and corridors for safer air travel between countries

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video thumbnail for interview about 7 hotel commercial mistakes

7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, were identified to answer why the hotel’s revenue struggled to improve

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