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Hotel Digital Marketing Lower Funnel: What Is It and Why Important?

What is the lower funnel, where does it fit into hotel marketing activities and why is it (possibly) the most effective use of digital marketing investment

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How to Maintain the Summer Travel Boom in the Fall

One of the best ways to maintain your summer travel boom in the fall season is by out-valuing other hotels in direct competition with you

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different coloured dots joined up reflecting importance of aligning data from a fragmented booking funnel

How to Create Alignment From a Fragmented Booking Funnel

The more vendors and programs you are using in the booking funnel, the more data sets you will need to weed through to determine the best course of action

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels must make sure they are calculating their profitability

How to Measure Your Hotel Profitability

Understanding hotel profitability ratios isn’t always straightforward because you may not have all the information you need to understand your ROI or ROE

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A Hotelier’s Guide To Crafting A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly and responsive website designs are more intuitive, accessible, and allow for quicker decisions and higher conversions

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Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Digital Marketing

An eye-opening study shows that a huge 94% of online shoppers stated negative reviews have convinced them to avoid a business altogether

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Prepare Your Hotel For Winter Bookings

Whoever it is you’re targeting, now is the time to launch your winter campaign or campaigns. Make it easy for them by offering an attractive deal

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Hotel Guest Experience Needs To Improve To Maintain Rates

Prioritizing the guest experience comes at the cost of profitability but is necessary in order to maintain the rate growth seen over the past few years

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Building Pet-Friendly Experience: 4 Things Learnt From Guest Reviews

With more hotels allowing pets, the competition for offering not just a human-focused, but also a pet-focused guest experience, is ramping up

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Using Guest Reviews to Increase Bookings and Lower Cart Abandonment

Guest reviews have a big impact on booking rates. In fact, more than half of travelers say they would never consider a hotel with no online reviews

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