How Travellers Find Destinations for Their Trips

In the planning phase, travellers are considering their destination options and, like the research phase, they turn to numerous different resources

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6 Strategies For Crafting A Personalised Digital Guest Experience

We will look at why you should provide a personalised digital guest experience and what are some easy ways for you to get started straight away

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Total Revenue Management: No Chance Without Group Data

Despite being an essential part of the hotel, group sales have often been overlooked as an area to implement traditional revenue management strategies

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6 Impactful Ways to Adapt Your Hotel to Climate Change

Climate change isn’t coming anymore. It’s here. This year, we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures, devastating wildfires, unusually aggressive storms, and unprecedented flooding around the globe. NB: This is an article from […]

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Thumbnail image for discussion with strategic solutions partners asking has the sustainability topic reached marketing and revenue teams?

Has The Sustainability Topic Reached Marketing and Revenue Teams?

We ask if the focus around sustainability has made it way into the Marketing and Revenue teams. Does it form any part of the weekly strategic discussions

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person on a laptop making a hotel bookings either via otas or direct on the hotel website

The Impact of OTAs on Hotel Revenue Management

We explore how OTAs influence your revenue strategies and reveal insider tips to help you thrive in this dynamic environment

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car engine depicting how a revenue management system can be the driver of the hotels success

Revenue Management Systems: The Key to Unlocking Hotel Success

Ensuring optimal pricing, predicting market flux, and providing strategic insights, a Revenue Management System aids hotels in carving out a distinct niche

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image with ice berg reflecting the potential impacts of ignoring your hotel price competitiveness in discussion with pablo sanchez of mirai

The Potential Impacts of Ignoring Your Hotel Price Competitiveness

In this discussion we change tack a little and look at possible medium to long term implications of not addressing your hotel price competitiveness

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man working at a computer with graphs pie charts and the word revenue hovering above the keys

Some Upsell Revenue is Better Than Others

If you want to maximize profitability, the key is to focus on and invest in upsells with a favourable cost-to-revenue ratio

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Transactional Marketing vs Relationship Marketing in Hotel Industry

Relationship marketing can be on the opposite side of transactional marketing. It focuses on building long-term connections and loyalty with guests

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