Why You Should Use Channel Forecasting To Drive Hotel Profits

Effective channel strategy and management require going beyond decision-making using stale growth revenue reports generated at month’s end

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businesses and homes are all reachable in a connected way for hotels if they really invested time understanding distribution in the 21st century and this advice will help them

A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century

We review some of the main channel partners, their role and the extent to which we should use each of them to best implement our distribution strategy

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How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?

In order to maximise conversion and revenue without spending too much, keep in mind the following Google Hotel Ads best practices

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There is No Single “Magic” Distribution Channel

Although hotels can diversify their income streams and realize the potential of ancillary revenue, distribution remains cornerstone of hotel profitability

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blocks being stacked in the same way hotels should build an optimal ota mix in a dynamic distribution environment

How to Build Optimal OTA Mix in a Dynamic Distribution Environment

To build an effective distribution strategy your OTA mix should include a minimum of 6 channels made up of the following types of OTAs:

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building blocks reflecting revenue management strategies to boost hotel revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

We discuss three important strategies revenue managers can use to boost revenue and how an RMS can help forecast demand and perform dynamic pricing

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empty hotel room reflecting importance for hotels to pursue a diverse distribution strategy which may include bed banks

Understanding the Role of Bed Banks in Hotel Distribution

One important channel often overlooked by small and midsized properties – and whose role in distribution is frequently misunderstood – is bed banks

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different coloured dots joined up reflecting importance of aligning data from a fragmented booking funnel

How to Create Alignment From a Fragmented Booking Funnel

The more vendors and programs you are using in the booking funnel, the more data sets you will need to weed through to determine the best course of action

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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Channel Manager: Definition, Types And How To Choose One

Using a channel manager is the most effective way to keep on top of reservations so you can negotiate best rates and, ultimately, maximise your profit

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Five Ways Hoteliers Can Boost Their Metasearch Performance

Here are five tips to excel across metasearch platforms, one of the fastest growing distribution channels within today’s ever-changing travel landscape

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