Busting Today’s Hotel Distribution Myths

Hotel distribution is a multifaceted domain which presents significant opportunities for growth and revenue optimisation and remains underutilised

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different coloured pawn pieces reflect importance to hotels of market segmentation to improve offers, revenue and satisfaction

Market Segmentation – Still The Holy Grail!

Which kind of market segmentation can be beneficial and feasible for you and which advantages can be derived from them

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magnifying glass looking at the tripadvisor website reflecting the value of the platform as an advertising avenue

TripAdvisor Advertising for Hotels and Is It Worth It?

There’s no questioning the popularity and power of TripAdvisor. Attracting 400M+ unique visitors each month, it is one of the most popular destinations

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Mastering Hotel OTAs: 8 Ways to Overcome Pain Points

While some unique properties can thrive by cutting out third parties and going direct, most hotels rely on OTAs, especially during the low season

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expedia logo in background and on mobile phone is a key distribution channel for hotels

Expedia TravelAd Strategies for Small Hotels

With the help of some smart strategies, you can ensure your hotels investment in Expedia TravelAds generates a serious return

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booking.com name what will be the impact on hotels of the recent eu designation as a gatekeeper

Booking Designated “Gatekeeper”; a New Era for European Hotels

The EC’s decision empowers hotels to connect with the right guests, drive guests to book direct, and grow loyalty and revenue with each guest

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OTA and Direct Booking: Finding the Right Balance

OTA dominance in the distribution space is hardly one you can ignore; almost 2-1 share of bookings. The primary drivers for this is their nimble nature

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a winner holding a cup and a loser looking sad reflecting the impact of the recent EU Digital Markets Act - DMA - and the impact on hotel bookings

Who Are The Winners and Losers of Google’s DMA Implementation?

Whatever the final figure, it seems very likely that the DMA has actually benefited the major OTAs rather than the hotel industry.

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computer and dots showing hotel room distribution across the globe

Measuring Distribution Costs and Managing Channels

A fundamental aspect that is often undervalued is the direct assignment of responsibility for distribution costs to the revenue manager

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12 Types of Hotel Guest and How To Satisfy Their Expectations

Once you’ve pinpointed the relevant guest personas, your promotional efforts, distribution strategy and revenue management will be clearly focused

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