different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like different attributes of a hotel room

Using an Attribute Based Selling Approach in Your Upsell Strategy

There are many ways to apply the forward thinking principles of attribute based selling through different channels for example, upselling

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Metasearch PPS or PPC – Which Is Right For Me?

Should hotels that have been advertising successfully on the more familiar Metasearch PPC model switch to risk free Metasearch PPS instead?

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telescope by the seafront increasing visibility

Effective Tools to Increase Visibility When Using Booking

Almost all hotels in the world are live on the channel, and for sure visibility to potential customers is greater than that of most websites

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Which Google Services Are Right for My Hotel?

If you are one of the many hotels that has changed their policy to offer free cancellations, Book on Google provides a way to promote this

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Hotel Managers Can Be More Data Driven To Increase Direct Revenue

If you understand the value of high-quality data and business intelligence from reliable sources, you can get a clearer picture of the market

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video thumbnail of discussion with cogwheel marketing about metasearch

Are Branded Hotels Wasting Money on Metasearch Right Now?

We discuss why in this current climate and changing guest profile, metasearch is just a channel shift and not producing incremental revenue

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The Importance of Metasearch Investment Amid Covid-19

Combining traditional metasearch and sponsored placements hotel brands can shift bookings from OTAs to their own website and intercept users

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trivago launch CPA or commissionable model. What is it, how does it work?

trivago is betting on a commission-based participation model that reduces investment risk and contributes to visibility of the direct channel

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The Future of The CRS: Digital Marketing Connectivity and Open APIs

With the CRS serving as the core of every hotel’s revenue and distribution strategy, there’s potential to build the platform of the future

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offices or hotels connected by technology

7 Tactics to Keep your Hotel’s Distribution Healthy and Highly Profitable

If you find that your distribution connection hobbles your optimization efforts, then you may find that it’s time to try something new

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