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Everything You Need to Sell Rooms Smarter in 2022

From direct bookings and OTAs to pricing strategies and guest experience, here are four major areas to help build an effective rooms distribution strategy

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Sizing Up Your Hotel’s 2022 Comp Set

While determining the right comp set has always been crucial, it is vital to remain competitive now given our current uncertain market conditions. NB: This is an article from IDeaS […]

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The Hotel Distribution Jungle 2022: Wholesalers and Blockchain

The complexity of distribution lies in the fact that volumes do not necessarily mean profit and that hidden costs and lost sales can be more hurtful

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Should Your Hotel Group Reconsider Wholesale Distribution

The nature of hotel distribution was already changing in the years leading up to 2020, with an emphasis on diversification and tech-led business strategies. NB: This is an article from […]

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Intraday Bidding for Metasearch: Everything Hotels Need to Know

Intraday bidding is a campaign-level bid multiplier and its recent release on Google Hotel Ads marks the first time it is available for metasearch

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Get to Grips with New Markets Through Optimized Distribution and Marketing

Getting to grips with new feeder markets through targeted marketing and optimizing distribution will achieve sustained revenue and profit improvement

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Hotel Black Friday Campaigns See 52% Website Conversion Increase

Despite there being no surge in website traffic, there was a significant increase in the volume of visitors making a booking on hotel websites

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Make Your Eco-Sustainable Hotel Stand Out on Google and Booking.com

Since the end of summer 2021, Google has begun to identify eco-sustainable hotels and Google Travel users can already see information about these hotels

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How To Get Started With Google Hotel Ads (GHA)

Google Hotel Ads is just part of an entire ecosystem that Google has become, through which potential travellers can plan and execute their travel bookings

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Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

Almost everything you do from a marketing point of view could have impact on your direct bookings. Take the time to understand the channels at your disposal

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