What Google’s New Guidelines for AI-produced Content Mean for SEO

Any way you look, AI is positioned to be a powerful tool for content production. SEOs who don’t yet know its ins and outs should get serious about learning

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Digital Marketing Mega-Trends Will Turn Business on its Head (Pt1)

Two digital marketing trends, loosely related but equally dynamic, are driving consumer change.  Those who grasp these will benefit from long term growth

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Attract High-Value Guests with Expedia Members Only Promotions

You can target high-value guests by using Members Only promotions to offer exclusive deals to over 100 million members across all Expedia Group sites

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cogs with a lightbulb in the middle reflecting how digital marketing is going through a process of evolution, innovation and disruption

Digital Marketing: Evolution, Innovation, and Disruption in 2023

Hospitality marketing is undergoing significant changes, and marketers need to be prepared for both incremental and drastic changes

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google name in colour letters

What Hoteliers Need to Know From Google Travel Partner Summit

Google held a panel on ‘The hoteliers view: how Travel Tech can help suppliers be successful’. We’ve summarised the key questions and answers

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the words online booking on a computer keyboard reflecting importance to hotels of driving direct bookings trough their own website and digital marketing efforts

13 Ways to Attract More Direct Bookings for Your Hotel

Increasing direct bookings requires cleverness and creativity, but is well worth it to own your guest data and earn more revenue!

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How Guest Reviews Impacted Hotel Performance in 2022

The power of guest reviews goes beyond improving online reputation. Turning feedback into valuable data, you better understand what guests like and dislike

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Unlock New Revenue Streams With Effective Channel Management

Channel management involves identifying and using the most effective online distribution channels, such as OTAs, direct booking engines, metasearch, etc.

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rms hotel travel tech mindset and importance of machine learning to hotel revenue management

Machine Learning And Its Importance In Hotel Revenue Management

Let’s explore how exactly you can use machine learning to streamline and enhance your revenue management processes

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rocks balanced on each other reflecting the importance of price elasticity within the hotel sector and the drive to balance price and demand

Price Elasticity in the Hotel Industry: Affecting Factors and Tools

Price elasticity is a critical KPI for hoteliers. Understanding factors that affect it can help optimize pricing strategies and achieve higher profitability

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