mechanical figure in shape of thinker contemplating how hotel revenue management will evolve along with technology

How Will the RMS Evolve to Move Revenue Management Forward

We explore how the RMS is evolving and what additional data sets are being integrated to enhance price forecasting and revenue management

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How to Turn More Website Visitors into Confirmed Bookings

To encourage website visitors to book their reservations using your website, you need to make it simple and clear for them

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man holding camera taking photos to help upselling with quality hotel photo image

Multiply Upselling Opportunities and Boost Your Visuals Game

As you know, an image has the ability to prompt strong emotions, which are powerful agents for action. Happy photographing!

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The Latest Booking Trends in June 2020

The best way to move forward is to be aware of recent booking patterns, so we can make informed decisions and predictions. We’ve done an indepth analysis

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Rising Above Revenue Restraints Toward Total Profit Optimization

Hotel revenue managers need to figure out how to stack the right building blocks to forecast accurately, price with confidence, and maximize profitability

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Breaking Even and the 5 Stages of Grief

The first break-even analysis we ran focused on total revenue, taking into account not only revenue generated from rooms, but also ancillary revenue

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sign saying cancelled reflecting increase in hotel cancellation policies

Free Hotel Cancellation Policies are Now the New Norm

A fundamental shift is taking place in hotel policies with hoteliers increasingly offering free cancellation in a bid to convert bookings

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Why is Booking the best OTA?

Ask yourself a simple question or step into your ideal customer’ shoes and try to book your hotel, first on BO and then through your own booking engine

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5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Must Have a Google My Business Listing

So, are you making the best out of Google My Business listing? If no, what is holding you back? Let us look at what you can do with Google My Business

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Forecasting in a Time of Unknowns

With the advent of the ‘new normal’, hotel owners and operators must begin considering the various financial and operational scenarios in their forecasting

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