two people reviewing hotel performance kpis

The Most Important KPIs for Hotels in 2021

When we look at isolated metrics and KPIs, we are only looking at one piece of a puzzle. The concept of leading and lagging indicators can help

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Prestige Marketing To Suit Your Exclusive Luxury Hotel Brand

When it comes to promoting luxury brands, the rules are not the same as for mass-market businesses. They should approach their marketing, branding, and public relations activities differently. NB: This […]

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adrienne hanna right revenue who are we

Right Revenue “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Adrienne Hanna

We are delighted to continue our Expert Partner relationship with Right Revenue In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Adrienne Hanna – Founder Adrienne talks about her […]

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COVID-19: Insights On Travel Impact, Asia Pacific – December

We have explored who is looking to visit Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore but this trend is dynamic and based on updated country travel bans

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hilton hotel marketing

Hilton Digital Marketing Opportunities

Hilton has worked especially hard to combat OTA marketing funds and come up with programs to increase direct bookings for your individual hotel

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Does The Location Of A Call To Action Impact Website Conversion Rate?

Knowing conversion rates are different based call of action location and nature of services, there is no better time than now to begin website A/B tests

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Preparing Your Hotel for January Sales

January has typically been one of the strongest hotel booking months of the year. This is one reason why it’s important not to wait until after Christmas

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Global Meetings & Events 2021 Forecast: What to Expect?

The companies of the world have quickly adjusted their meetings and events programs to the requirements of a year full of uncertainties in order to maintain contact with customers, potential […]

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Five Elements of Website Prose That Turn Hotel Seekers into Bookers

When done right, your website copy content, it’s style, layout, and navigability, can keep eyeballs bouncing around your website instead of bouncing off

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Acquire Direct Revenue from Early Check-in & Late Check-out

One area where automation can drive revenue opportunities throughout the guest journey is upselling, specifically early check-in and late check out

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