How to Evaluate Your Property’s Performance: From RevPar to CPOR and Beyond

The aim is to describe the main KPIs typically adopted by a hotel to support their business analysis, ranging from RevPAR, RevPAC, CPOR to NPS and beyond

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two puzzle pieces coming together like a hotel aligning it's distribution and marketing to boost revenue

How to Align Your Distribution and Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue

Many hotels don’t include direct within their distribution cost calculations, but for most hotels their costs of direct are around 8%+ of distribution

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attractive picture of a sandos resort hotel can be used in google ads to increase demand

Reducing Cost Per Booking Through Smart Bidding Google Ads Strategy (Case Study)

This success story explains how Sandos tackled the challenge of increasing effectiveness of investments in Google Ads, while controlling cost per booking

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phuket thailand is popular holiday booking destination with their sandbox campaign

How Phuket Sandbox Campaign is Impacting Hotel Booking Trends

We provide a summary of how this phuket sandbox campaign is impacting hotel booking trends and what factors to take into consideration when reopening

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stones balanced together reflecting how revenue optimization is only achieved by working together and breaking down silos

Lean Revenue Management: Sophisticated Shouldn’t Mean Complicated

Often the uncoordinated and misaligned activities of sales, marketing, revenue management and general management resulted in missed opportunities

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Amazon Blocking Google FLoC Could Seriously Weaken Fledgling System

Last week Amazon added code to its digital properties to block FLoC from tracking visitors using Google’s Chrome browser

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5 Tips To Get Your Hotel Website Ready For This Summer

Many hotels fail to tailor their website to the season, choosing instead to keep the same design and offers all year. But every season has its own dynamics

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image of princess grand bavaro resort used in mirai article about capturing more demand using google hotel ads

Capture Greater Demand Using Smart Bidding by Google Ads (Case Study)

By activating smart bidding strategies with a fine tuned target CPA, this clearly improved demand results whilst maintaining an adequate acquisition cost

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Google Hotel Free Booking Links – OTA Freedom or Competition?

For the direct channel, Google’s Hotel Free Booking Link represents a new opportunity to compete with OTAs and drive more direct traffic

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Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies for Hotel Chains

Apart from these content marketing strategies, you can also use content to entice and influence your target audiences’ booking decisions.

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