Metasearch in Hospitality: an Overview of Hotel Search Engines

We will explain what metasearch engines are, how they work, and how hotels can connect to main platforms and get the most out of this partnership

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crm audiences insight score priorityq podcast discussion thumbnail with robert schimmel

The Value of CRM Audiences and Insights to Drive Additional Revenue

Now truly independent within your CRM, Audiences allows for the most detailed segmentation and personalization across all communications

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Using Cognitive Bias to Win in the “Messy Middle”

The Messy Middle is a complex place that can go round and round. Our job is to close the gap from trigger to purchase or booking in the shortest time

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Five Things to Know about Google Analytics 4

By now, many of you have heard that Google is rolling out a new update for their analytics product, Google Analytics. NB: This is an article from gcommerce Dubbed “GA4”, […]

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Social Listening in the Hotel Industry

The act of responding and connecting with guests online is defined as “social listening.” We can see how social listening is used by the hotel in each case

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customer relationships rely on customer data

Customer Relationship Management vs Customer Data Platform

Main difference between Customer Relationship Management and a Customer Data Platform is there in the name: CRM manages relationships, CDP manages data

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The Latest Hotel Website Trends and Tips

To improve your website, it’s good to be aware of trends sweeping the web so you’re providing the best possible chance of increasing your direct bookings

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Hotel Social Media Marketing – 5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Social media users not only want real-time, in-the-moment access to content but also the ability to select exactly what, when and how they’re accessing

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Can Video Answer the Most Important Question in Hotel Marketing?

A great hotel website communicates the property UVP instantly. That’s why many hotel marketers are looking to video to help them expand their message

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change mindset hotel digital marketing roi

Is It Time for Hotel Marketing to Evolve Past ROI

It is not enough anymore to measure how many guest rooms are booked per dollar spent on your paid marketing. Instead, focus attention on two specific areas

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