video thumbnail of coffee time chat with javier delgado of mirai about the need for hotels to evolve fast or suffer in the future

Hotels Must Evolve Fast – It Will Be a Tough Future Otherwise

We touch on a number of topics with a mood of optimism that travel will return, whilst realising hotels can be short-sighted and have short memories

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article image of the Charlottehaven Hotel in an article about increased website conversions

Increase Website Conversions by 71.9%: Charlottehaven Hotel Case Study

The hotel was looking for a tactic to retain people on the hotel website, and encourage weekday reservations

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Powerful Strategies to Drive and Convert More Bookings

Diving into your bookings and website activity, you can better understand what’s working, what’s not, and where you are losing potential guests

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How to Boost Hotel Holiday Bookings During a Pandemic

Now is the time to consider and amplify all the merry-and-bright offerings your hotel can provide to bring a special twinkle to this time of year

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cendyn pegasus merge thumbnail improving direct booking channel

Cendyn and Pegasus Merge to Maximize Direct Booking Channel

The merger of Cendyn and Pegasus provides hoteliers with a platform to maximize the direct-booking channel, enhancing the guest experience end-to-end

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London skyline great advert for hoteliers and seeing large increase in hotel website conversion rates

London Sees 40% Uplift in Hotel Website Conversion Rates

Despite decreasing during summer months, hotel website conversion rates in the UK & Ireland started to recover in September – uplift was higher in London

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Those Increased Direct Bookings? They Won’t Keep Coming Without Effort

Many hotels have experienced great staycation bookings recently, but is there a complacency about what’s coming down the line?

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clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale hotels are running on their website

What Black Friday 2021 Has In Store For Hoteliers

Last year, we published a Black Friday report showing impact on hotel bookings. We saw a 47% jump in campaign conversions and 58% increase in direct revenue

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Increase Online Luxury Hotel Revenue with Book Direct

There’s a constant debate on whether the Global Distribution System (GDS) surpasses a book direct strategy or is it the other way around

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phuket thailand key travel and hotel destination in apac

APAC Hotel Direct Channel Trends In 2021

The analysis looks at Q2 vs Q1 in 2021 and covers main hotel direct booking metrics i.e. website traffic, conversion rates, disparities, and visitor profile

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