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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Channel Manager: Definition, Types And How To Choose One

Using a channel manager is the most effective way to keep on top of reservations so you can negotiate best rates and, ultimately, maximise your profit

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millennial on a laptop possibly booking a hotel

Winning Over the Spontaneous Millennial Hotel Booker

Here are our tips to retain last-minute searching millennials on your hotel website and convince them to book a stay at your property

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hotel digital marketing 101 episode 1 video thumbnail mirai recording

You Might Have Built It, But Will They Book? Digital Marketing 101

You have a hotel, you have a website but does anyone know about it beyond your listing on OTAs, this is where Digital Marketing comes in

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rate parity is over mirai article image

Parity is Over: Define New Pricing Strategy with Booking and Expedia

Inventory and rate parity is no longer a valid strategy. Parity sounds like a 90’s concept. It is the time to redefine a new relationship with the OTAs

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notepad with word wishlist written on it reflecting importance of personalized recommendations providing tailored guest experience

Personalized Recommendations For Perfectly Tailored Guest Experience

It is only once the potential guest identifies their preferences that the calculator will recommend a location and property

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person holding a heart reflecting happier guests can help hotels achieve consistent upsell revenue

How to Achieve Consistent Upsell Revenue and Happier Guests

The industry has recognized that the monetization of room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs provide the highest margin revenue a hotel can collect

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State of German Hotel Market Through Summer And Into Winter berner+becker interview youtube thumbnail

State of German Hotel Market Through Summer and Into Winter

We review how the different German hotel sectors have faired this Summer and what might happen as we head into the Autumn and Winter

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hotel woman guest on a mobile

Guest Booking Behaviour: How to Leverage Data to Adapt to New Trends

Guest booking behavior has shifted, and previously well-established travel patterns have been replaced by new, unfamiliar ones

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Impact on Revenue, Profit and Reputation of Ineffective Maintenance ssp video discussion thumbnmail

Impact on Revenue, Profit and Reputation of Ineffective Maintenance

We look at the impact of ineffective maintenance prevention on hotel costs, guest satisfaction, future revenue and, ultimately, hotel profit

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sun setting reflecting end of summer season and why hotels need to think about how to drive revenue into the autumn and winter season

How to Drive Revenue at The End of First Post Covid Summer

There’s still time to make the most out of the revenge travel era and maximize your hotel’s occupancy and revenue with smart, proactive pricing

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