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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

Boost Your Hotel Performance with a Guest-Centered Strategy

If you are not yet employing a guest-centric strategy, perhaps now is a good time to start. Here are 8 ways to tailor services to your guest preferences

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person about to tick a box possibly on a hotel satisfaction survey illustrating the importance of these surveys to improve services

Satisfaction Surveys: Best Questions to Ask Your Hotel Guests

Satisfaction surveys not only assess your guests’ overall experience, but play a crucial role in gathering valuable information to improve services

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google browser on a laptop reflecting importance to hotels of understanding the google hotel ads bid update and how it will impact their campaigns

Google Hotel Ads Bid Strategies Update: Hotel Campaigns Impact?

With Google’s recent announcement about updates to its Hotel Ads bidding models, hoteliers face a pivotal moment in their metasearch advertising strategies

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coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting the need for hotels to grow profit with these winning revenue management strategies

Grow Hotel Profits with These Winning Revenue Management Practices

Revenue management is a complex discipline. When practiced fully, it reduces bottom-line drainers such as spillage, spoilage, or overbooking

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social media platform app icons on a mobile phone

The Power of Social SEO: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Implement these ideas and unlock the full potential of your social media presence, ensuring your content is engaging and discoverable by your audience

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music event reflecting an area where hotels can maximize direct bookings by tapping into local events

Why Events Stand Out as Strong Demand Predictor for Hotels

In the world of events, they are not all created equally when it comes to the impact they will have on demand

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stack of coins and arrows pointing up reflecting higher adr and why hotels should not be afraid to price their rooms high

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Price Your Rooms High

Shedding the fear of high ADR requires a mindset shift. Instead of worrying about driving guests away, focus on the tangible benefits of higher room price

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coins flying off a pile illustrating why hotels should evaluate if they spend money on commissions or invest in direct sales

Spend on Commissions or Invest in Your Direct Sales?

The hotel industry pays OTAs around $47,000M per year in commissions, an average of almost $2,685 per room per year*

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google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential impact of google killing off metasearch bidding cpa

Google Kills Metasearch Commission Bidding (CPA): What Next?

The end of google commission based bidding models impacts hotels. We outline options to ensure your metasearch strategy remains high value and impactful

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neon hotel sign saying no vacancy reflecting the importance of developing effective strategies to boost city hotel occupancy

10 Effective Strategies to Boost City Hotel Occupancy

Implementing these strategies can significantly improve occupancy rates in city hotels. Each approach plays a vital role in boosting hotel performance

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