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thumbnail image for video discussion about marriott hotel system and reports to improve commercial impact

Marriott Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Commercial Impact

We talk about a number of the Marriott systems and reports, exploring how hoteliers can utilise them to have the best commercial impact.

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hammock on a beach reflecting the current trend of slow travel and how hotels can adapt

Slow Tourism: What It Is and How Hotels Are Adapting to This New Trend

Slow tourism can be applied across the entire guest stay, representing a significant opportunity for hotels to reshape their offering

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hand holding different coloured balls all mixed up reflecting different hotel demand

How To Deal With Changing Trends in Hotel Demand.

The changing demand trends in the different markets, make it necessary to review our segmentation strategies and rate structure

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heart made up of data showing the importance of future facing demand data to maximize revenue

Future Facing Demand Data: Key to Maximizing Revenue in Trying Times

Leveraging forward-looking demand data in revenue management has many advantages. Let’s go over the three most important ones

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Black Friday Frenzy Can Your Hotel Replicate it all Year Round?

Quick Wins to Convert Black Friday Bookings on Your Website

Black Friday alone can make or break a hotel’s revenue reports for the year, so it is imperative hoteliers make sure their campaigns are set up for success

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increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces reflecting importance of upselling strategies

The Increase in Revenue of a Good Room Upselling Strategy

There is a general consensus that a good room upselling strategy brings a lot of value to the hotel. We summarise it in four points:

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guest luggage reflecting opportunity to use stay extensions as a way of generating additional revenue

Everything You Need to Know about Stay Extensions Execution & Pricing

Hotels should look at what they already have and focus on maximizing the value. Automated stay extensions are an effective way to add high margin revenue

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european travel trends data

Long-Haul, Long-Term European Travel Trends: Will Travel Return Soon?!

Whether destinations, intermediaries, hoteliers or local operators, the common desire of the European travel industry is the return of long-haul tourists

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video thumbnail image coffee time chat about benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Coffee Time Chat with Peter Brauer and Henrik Karlsson

As we start to come out of the pandemic what is the impact, and engagement, around benchmarking? Can you give us some thoughts, observations around that

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cogs in shape of human face reflecting how hotels can supplement and support their revenue manager with a good revenue management solution

The Labour Shortage And Revenue Management

A full hotel isn’t necessarily a profitable hotel. That’s why inventory control and revenue management have never been more critical than right now

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