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train tracks reflecting different channels for hotel distribution but it requires a strategy

Determining Your Hotel’s Channel Strategy Within Koddi

Each brand has different channels and opportunities within Koddi, but most are similar. But, you need to understand WHEN and HOW to use each channel

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lybra article image about spains hope for increased travel in 2022

Will Spain’s Hopes for Strong Tourist Demand for 2022 Prove Possible?

The fact there is such strong disparity between short-term and medium to long-term travel indicates there is still little traveller confidence in the future

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting hotels digital marketing and revenue trends

Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends to Drive Bookings and Revenue

2022 offers many opportunities for hoteliers to improve guest experience. This year hotels will continue to pivot and drive more direct bookings and revenue

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video thumbnail image for discussion about hotel technology and the fear of change or fear of missing out

Hotel Technology: Fear of Change or Fear of Missing Out

Today we talk about Hotel Technology, it’s value to hoteliers and why there is still some resistance to get on board. We touch on a number of core topics:

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image for cloudbeds article about selling hotel rooms smarter

Everything You Need to Sell Rooms Smarter in 2022

From direct bookings and OTAs to pricing strategies and guest experience, here are four major areas to help build an effective rooms distribution strategy

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beachside telescope reflecting need for hospitality to look at future demand trends

Kick Off 2022: Demand Trends

Analysing the occupancy levels by geographic areas we see hotels are at similar levels as January-February 2020, but demand is conservative in January 2022

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hotel room keys reflecting hotel inventory occupancy

Automated Forecasting of True Inventory Availability

Until recently upsell software solutions did not check inventory availability. They were simply offer systems collecting requests for later manual approval

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image of a staycation which can be a revenue generator for hotels

Five Easy Tips to Drive Revenue With Local Staycationers

With Covid variant surges still impacting international travel, hotels and resorts need to get creative and think local to keep generating revenue

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person stacking a pile of coins much like hotels need to upsell to increase revenue in 2022

Putting Upsell Revenue Contributions into Context

Every traveler has a maximum value they can offer your hotel and upselling can help capture this and in turn increase overall revenue and profitability

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thimbnail image for coffee time discussion with connor vanderholm about starting a revenue management consultancy

Thinking of Becoming a Revenue Management Consultant?

We consider are you looking to replace your previous corporate life with a revenue consultancy ‘job and salary’ or looking to build a consultancy business

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