Unlocking Hotel Success: Top 3 KPIs to Predict Future Performance

These 3 KPIs provide a clear view of a hotel’s potential and are pivotal in crafting strategies that align evolving market dynamics and customer preferences

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Discover the Importance of Having a Bespoke Website Design

Opting for a bespoke website design allows for the seamless integration of your brand’s identity and personality into your online presence.

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man holding his head in his hands possibly reflecting a failure in hotel digital marketing strategy to drive hotel bookings

Hotel Bookings: Transform Digital Marketing Failure Into Success

By addressing initial challenges, analyzing data, and implementing repetitious improvements, they achieved remarkable success in driving bookings

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How to Drive Bookings along the Path to Purchase

The average path to purchase length – from when a traveler starts thinking about taking a trip to when they book – is 71 days (more than two months!)

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man on laptop possibly a hotel guest booking a room online

Hotel Booking Psychology: Understanding the Guest Journey to Yes

From the initial spark of desire to travel to the final decision to book, multiple factors play a role in shaping the guest booking decision

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Understanding the Booking Window and How to Successfully Manage it

Discover key strategies for hotel revenue management based on the booking window. Learn to avoid common mistakes and maximize profitability for hotels and lodging businesses

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When Dates Matter: Calendar-Centric Hotel Analytics

We’ll decode the language of hotel data shaped by the sway of the calendar, so you can better understand this vital information

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An Independent Hotelier’s Guide to Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies protect a hotel’s bottom line by preventing last-minute cancellations and no-shows while encouraging client loyalty when booking

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hotel reception and 3 stars on the front desk, possibly reflecting the quality of the offering and guest reviews

5 Tips for Reducing Waiting Times at Hotel Reception

By applying these tips, you can put an end to long queues at the reception and, above all, ensure your guests arrive and leave your hotel with a smile

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boat tour reflecting intricate balance for hotels between touroperation and transient guests

Hotel Profitability: Mastering Touroperation Allotment Strategies

Successfully navigating the balance between managing touroperation allotments and safeguarding the transient segment is an intricate endeavour for hotels

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