London skyline great advert for hoteliers and seeing large increase in hotel website conversion rates

London Sees 40% Uplift in Hotel Website Conversion Rates

Despite decreasing during summer months, hotel website conversion rates in the UK & Ireland started to recover in September – uplift was higher in London

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Those Increased Direct Bookings? They Won’t Keep Coming Without Effort

Many hotels have experienced great staycation bookings recently, but is there a complacency about what’s coming down the line?

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thumbnail image for discussion with topline about revenue managers and whether they are responsible for generating demand or not

Let Us Be Clear Revenue Managers Do Not Create Demand

Connor outlines what he feels are some misconceptions of where Revenue Managers sit in the demand equation and what they are ultimately responsible for

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mirai image relating to introducing native ads Introduces “Native Ads”

This is probably the most interesting part, as native ads are mostly intended for destination searches (“hotels in Boston”) and not branded searches

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How to Get Guests to Spend More at Your Hotel

Inspiring your guests to spend more starts before they even set foot in your Hotel. Make it effortless for your guests to spend and they will spend more!

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The Small Hotel Guide to Finding the Right OTA and Ranking Highly

Finding the right OTA for a small hotel is not as simple as it sounds. Each one has trade offs and are not created equal. Here are a few considerations:

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What Can Hoteliers Do To Inspire Leisure Travel Over Next Few Months?

It may have been normal to map out business strategies on an annual basis, but the pandemic is changing the travel dynamic too much for it to stay relevant

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clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale

What Black Friday 2021 Has In Store For Hoteliers

Last year, we published a Black Friday report showing impact on hotel bookings. We saw a 47% jump in campaign conversions and 58% increase in direct revenue

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Increase Online Luxury Hotel Revenue with Book Direct

There’s a constant debate on whether the Global Distribution System (GDS) surpasses a book direct strategy or is it the other way around

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Metasearch Engines: 3 Frequent (Hidden) Mistakes to Avoid

Behavioural change in prospects’ booking journey can expose hotels to subtle issues and pitfalls that may be difficult to detect in metasearch engines

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