Social Media Is Not Your Website

A hotel website is where the conversions happen and the path to get the guest there is where your social media strategy is leveraged for optimal influence

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image of culloden estate and spa used for the hotel networks article about how they saved 48% in promotional costs from direct bookings

How to Save 48% in Promotional Costs from Direct Bookings

As a result, it reduced promotional spend by 48%, influenced 120+ bookings of website visitors and resulted in +£29k extra revenue from low-intent users

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smaller man standing by feet of much larger man showing disparity in size between otas and hotels

A Simple Way to Beat the OTAs

We often don’t measure the leakage of commission to OTAs and we certainly don’t measure it against the costs of securing a direct booking

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All You Need To Know About a Hotel Booking Engine

The hotel booking engine acts as an intermediary, allowing customers to search for and compare products, make reservations, and complete transactions online

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Userguest video How To Apply Revenue Strategies To Your Direct Channel YouTube Thumbnail

How To Apply Revenue Strategies To Your Direct Channel

We dive into the Revenue aspect of RevMarketing Automation and explore how revenue strategies can be applied directly to the hotel’s website

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How Review Content Can Increase Booking Conversion

Complex – there is no better word to describe today’s booking process. Year on year, travelers’ expectations are evolving, and so is their purchase journey

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Recipe for a Successful Booking Abandonment Recovery Campaign

A successful booking abandonment campaign relies heavily on email marketing to re-engage and recover lost online bookings

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resort beach getting ready for summer season and need to focus on hotel website conversion as they need to prepare for the banning of resort fees

Bye Bye Resort Fees – How to Fill Your Pending Revenue Hole

There may not be a way to stop hotels losing revenue from resort fees, but hotels can act now to counterbalance this deficit by driving more direct bookings

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Master the Aspect of the Look-To-Book Ratio for Your Hotel

The look-to-book ratio gives a reality check of your website’s quality and tells you if it is effective enough to make good sales

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5 Ways to Optimize Hotel Website for Increased Conversions and Fewer Abandoned Bookings

There are several strategies you can use to optimize your hotel website for increased conversions and lower booking abandonment. Here are five to consider:

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