luxury hotel resort lobby reflecting importance of the hotel website and the secret to summertime success

The Secret to Summertime Success on Your Hotel Website

Join us as we uncover some of the most innovative strategies to kick off early summer hotel promotions and gear up for a bustling 2024 season

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Drive More Bookings: Innovative Strategies for Hotel Landing Pages

By leveraging custom landing pages in conjunction with enhanced social media marketing posts, hotels can significantly increase booking conversion rates

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Maximize Return on Experience (ROE) with Data Driven Marketing

Properties can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experience where guests ultimately spend more, do more and stay longer

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person holding a drawing of a sad face reflecting the results from their outdated hotel social media strategy

Why Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy is Outdated (And How to Fix It)

Let’s explore why your hotel’s social media approach might need a serious update, and more crucially, how to modernize it for today’s digital landscape

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percentages and arrows declining reflecting dma impact to hotels with a 30% reduction in clicks and bookings on google hotel ads

DMA Impact: 30% Drop in Google Hotel Ads Clicks & Bookings

The key impact of the DMA implementation is hotels have lost visibility, lost direct sales capacity, reduced profit and increased intermediary dependence

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american football game play reflecting the blueprint a hotel marketer must develop for a unified commercial strategy

A Hotel Marketer’s Bold Blueprint for Unified Commercial Strategy

No offense to sales and revenue management counterparts, but it’s time for marketing to claim its rightful place at the commercial strategy table

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EU’s New Digital ID: A Game Changer for Hotels

EU eIDAS II regulation presents a key moment for the hospitality industry. Embracing digital identity solutions could revolutionize the guest experience

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose considering the evolving hospitality trends and ai driven technologies

AI Driven Technologies and Trends: What’s Next for Hoteliers?

The hospitality industry is poised for significant change in 2024, largely driven by AI technologies and shifting consumer expectations

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person accessing messaging on a mobile phone illustrating the importance to hotels for enhancing the guest experience

Hotel Mobile Messaging: Enhancing Guest Experience

Guest messaging should highlight the unique features of the hotel and appeal to the interests of the target audience to drive bookings and increase revenue

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Are You Listening To Your Website Visitors?

A website visitor can’t verbally tell you they didn’t find what they wanted on your website. But there are behavioral signals to guide you

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