SEO Best Practices To Boost Your Hotel Website

With this return to travel, there is also a return of competition from OTAs and booking websites – making SEO optimisation for your hotel website crucial

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tiktok logo and follow button on mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of their new search ads feature

Unveiling TikTok Search Ads: The Next Wave in Digital Advertising?

TikTok search ads are making waves. Having now been officially launched, this feature promises to reshape the contours of digital advertising

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laptop with a hotel website on the screen illustrating the power of website url customization

The Power of Website URL Customization in the Hotel Industry

Website URL customization might seem a minor technical detail, but it can have a significant impact on your hotel’s online success

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google analytics on a laptop used by proactive digital marketeers to identify ways to use google ads and drive hotel booking game

How we Transformed a Hotel’s Booking Game with Google Ads

Efforts have proven effective in enhancing campaign performance, demonstrating positive outcomes for the Hotel company’s booking goals

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Social Media Meets Google Business Profile: Here’s Why You Should Care

By adding social media links to your Google Business Profile, you’re creating a streamlined and engaging experience for your potential guests

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Perfecting Your Hotel Gift Voucher Strategy

Knowing the needs and wants of your audience will help you to build the right gift voucher offerings and price points for your target guests

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How Should Hotels Be Using Social Media?

A recent survey found nearly all social channels were ineffective in influencing major travel decisions. So, how should hotels use social media in 2023?

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How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Boost Hotel Marketing Strategy

This is where the psychological tactics of scarcity and urgency come into play. Rooted in human behaviour, these tactics are not just marketing gimmicks

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Crucial Online Distribution Channels for the Hotel Industry

We explore various types of online distribution that every hotel should embrace to maintain their prominence in the eyes of potential guests

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person on a laptop possibly booking a room through the hotel website reflecting importance of google ads integration to elevate direct booking

How Google Ads Integration Elevates Your Direct Booking Strategy

Hoteliers are turning to various online strategies to capture attention of potential guests, and Google Ads has become a game-changing tool

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