Choosing Between A Single-Page Or Multi-Page Hotel Website

When deciding on website structure, it’s easy to get lost in trends and best practice. In reality, you just need it to show your hotel in the best way

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Hotel Marketing – What Separates Winners from Losers?

History tells us that periods of low demand give hotels the opportunity to ramp up marketing in preparation for the upturn

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What COVID-19 Means For Forward Thinking Hotel Marketers

Media planning for the hotel industry has changed, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it is about time. For too long our sector has been stuck in a rut

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How to Get an Effective Hotel Guest Engagement Strategy

If you want to stand out in the mind of your guest and create loyalty, personalising their journey and showing you care about pleasing them is the solution

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Connecting With Your Guest Must Be a Long Game for Every Hotel

Marketing budgets have been cut due to the crisis, but that mustn’t hinder hotels from exploring cost-effective or free strategies of reaching their guests

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man being led by carrots reflecting the value to hotels of driving direct sales rather than relying on OTAs

How to Maintain or Increase Your Direct Sales Quota Post Pandemic

Ensuring your direct sales maintain their quota is in your hands. If you wait for everything to return to normal, OTA’s will be the ones to exploit change.

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Guest Segmentation: How to Reach Your Most Profitable Guests?

Remember also that guest behaviour keeps changing. Segmentation is not a “do it once and forget” exercise – keep digging into your data

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envelope and email icon reflecting value of email marketing campaigns

The Importance of Cadence & Relevance in Hotel Email Marketing

Not only is email marketing cost-effective but it also provides one of the best ways to generate revenue by extending offers to customers

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two people having fun looking through donuts reflecting how hotels should view their marketing in a different way

A New Way to Look at Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns

Marketing should understand where the gaps in occupancy and segments lie and work backwards to create plans to fill those gaps

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Experience Marketing: Unique Ways to Attract More Guests

Experience marketing uses the unique aspects of your property to develop social media campaigns to attract guests. So, begin by thinking of the 5 senses

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