10 Effective Link Building Strategies for Hotels

This article is about strategies that could lead to link building opportunities, creating relationships and turning those relationships into opportunities

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Discover the Importance of Having a Bespoke Website Design

Opting for a bespoke website design allows for the seamless integration of your brand’s identity and personality into your online presence.

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The Marketing Genius Behind Charging for Hotel Breakfasts

By delving into the intricacies of value perception, contrast effects and psychological barriers, hotel marketers can create experiences that resonate

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article image for userguest discussion about RevMarketing Certification and a Sneak Peak into Modules 1 and 2

RevMarketing Certification: Sneak Peak into Modules 1 and 2

The RevMarketing Certification course is designed to provide you with actionable knowledge that can be applied immediately to drive growth and profitability

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man holding his head in his hands possibly reflecting a failure in hotel digital marketing strategy to drive hotel bookings

Hotel Bookings: Transform Digital Marketing Failure Into Success

By addressing initial challenges, analyzing data, and implementing repetitious improvements, they achieved remarkable success in driving bookings

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How to Drive Bookings along the Path to Purchase

The average path to purchase length – from when a traveler starts thinking about taking a trip to when they book – is 71 days (more than two months!)

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european union flags reflecting the driving force between the digital markets act DMA

Digital Markets Act (DMA), What Does This Mean For Your Hotel?

The Digital Markets Act has the potential to rebalance the relationship with OTAs, thanks to greater control over their online distribution

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5 Doors Data Can Open for Hoteliers

With both historical and forward-looking booking data in hand, guesswork is removed, making hotel management easier and less stressful for all

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article image for userguest revmarketing certification course which will help to enhance revenue management and marketing expertise

Start Your Journey to Revenue & Marketing Excellence

Want to improve your skills by learning how to combine revenue and marketing tactics in the hospitality industry?

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google browser on a laptop reflecting importance to hotels of free and paid digital solutions

Google: What are the Free and Paid Hotel Digital Solutions?

Google is working hard to improve solutions for hoteliers. We outline some of the best free and paid tools to help you reach and convert travellers

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