How Travellers Find Destinations for Their Trips

In the planning phase, travellers are considering their destination options and, like the research phase, they turn to numerous different resources

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image with ice berg reflecting the potential impacts of ignoring your hotel price competitiveness in discussion with pablo sanchez of mirai

The Potential Impacts of Ignoring Your Hotel Price Competitiveness

In this discussion we change tack a little and look at possible medium to long term implications of not addressing your hotel price competitiveness

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Creating A Hotel Website That Drives Direct Bookings

We share tips on how to create a hotel website that drives direct bookings based on many years of experience designing and developing optimised websites

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How controlling your hotel pricing could increase bookings by 34% mirai video discussion thumbnail

How Controlling Your Hotel Pricing Could Increase Bookings by 34%

Pablo outlines concisely, how losing control of your pricing could mean hoteliers missing out on a potential 34% increase in bookings

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Leverage Personalization for More Cost Effective Direct Bookings

Focusing on improving guest satisfaction through personalization, independent hotels can earn recommendations leading to a steady stream of direct bookings

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laptop with a hotel website on the screen illustrating the power of website url customization

The Power of Website URL Customization in the Hotel Industry

Website URL customization might seem a minor technical detail, but it can have a significant impact on your hotel’s online success

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How Can Independent Hotels Boost Direct Bookings?

There are proven strategies that can empower independent hotels to enhance their online visibility, foster loyalty, and drive direct bookings

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Take Direct Bookings Through Facebook

Now it’s time to get an even bigger return on those efforts by sending Facebook users straight to your online booking engine

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Crucial Online Distribution Channels for the Hotel Industry

We explore various types of online distribution that every hotel should embrace to maintain their prominence in the eyes of potential guests

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person on a laptop possibly booking a room through the hotel website reflecting importance of google ads integration to elevate direct booking

How Google Ads Integration Elevates Your Direct Booking Strategy

Hoteliers are turning to various online strategies to capture attention of potential guests, and Google Ads has become a game-changing tool

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