A Hotelier’s Guide To Crafting A Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly and responsive website designs are more intuitive, accessible, and allow for quicker decisions and higher conversions

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Winning Over the Spontaneous Millennial Hotel Booker

Here are our tips to retain last-minute searching millennials on your hotel website and convince them to book a stay at your property

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5 Hotel Website Design Trends to Follow in 2023

To convert Google searchers into repeat guests who leave great reviews, you’ll want to ensure that your website has an attractive and responsive design

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Hospitality Marketing: Strategies to Boost Your Bookings

Hospitality marketing trends evolve with guests and their priorities: even social media introverts were posting about their first post-pandemic stays

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You Might Have Built It, But Will They Book? Digital Marketing 101

You have a hotel, you have a website but does anyone know about it beyond your listing on OTAs, this is where Digital Marketing comes in

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Five Ways Hoteliers Can Boost Their Metasearch Performance

Here are five tips to excel across metasearch platforms, one of the fastest growing distribution channels within today’s ever-changing travel landscape

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Price Parity Monitoring & Why Your Hotel Metasearch Needs It

While other metasearch solutions can take a week to alert a price parity issue, this is the only real time metasearch disparity monitoring tool

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Increase Direct Bookings With Multi-Touchpoint Seasonal Offers

A mix of both price and non-price direct booking benefits like the one in this campaign is beneficial for both hoteliers and guests

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5 Reasons Why Hotel Guests Look But Don’t Make The Booking

Within the hospitality industry, booking hesitation is incredibly high; in fact, conversion rates for hotel websites average between 1.7% and 2%

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Parity is Over: Define New Pricing Strategy with Booking and Expedia

Inventory and rate parity is no longer a valid strategy. Parity sounds like a 90’s concept. It is the time to redefine a new relationship with the OTAs

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