What’s Wrong at Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor was the undisputed king of hotel reviews and research with great reach in organic search – that is, until Google Travel tilted consumer traffic in its own direction and competitors closed the gap

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Google to List Total Prices

Google has added taxes and fees to its hotel searches as part of a series of new features, allowing consumers to see both ‘nightly price’ and ‘nightly total’.

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Hidden Secrets of MetaSearch: The 15%

Metasearch is the best converting channel at an average conversion rate of 2.2%. However, these figures are in reference to “global” Metasearch channels, and not regional, so what is the difference?

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Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It

Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It?

When TripAdvisor first announced TripConnect, its Metasearch advertising platform, it instantly became the buzzword of the year. Though earlier adoption was slow, it pushed Google to be more involved in […]

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