Metasearch PPS or PPC – Which Is Right For Me?

Should hotels that have been advertising successfully on the more familiar Metasearch PPC model switch to risk free Metasearch PPS instead?

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video thumbnail of discussion with cogwheel marketing about metasearch

Are Branded Hotels Wasting Money on Metasearch Right Now?

We discuss why in this current climate and changing guest profile, metasearch is just a channel shift and not producing incremental revenue

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The Importance of Metasearch Investment Amid Covid-19

Combining traditional metasearch and sponsored placements hotel brands can shift bookings from OTAs to their own website and intercept users

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trivago launch CPA or commissionable model. What is it, how does it work?

trivago is betting on a commission-based participation model that reduces investment risk and contributes to visibility of the direct channel

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cleaning a sign saying clean up your hotel attributes on 3rd party sites

Update Covid-19 Hotel Attributes on 3rd Party Websites

Google my Business, Trip Advisor, and OTA’s have set up their COVID-19 communication opportunities as attributes check boxes

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Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It?

Metasearch Advertising: Should I Invest Hotel Marketing Budget?

A user must be looking for YOUR hotel and rates for the MetaSearch option to be available. This is part of a hotel’s “book direct” strategy

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person using metasearch site to research flight and hotel options

Why You Should Not Invest in Metasearch Right Now

Even if you leverage metasearch to drive direct bookings on your website, are they the type of customer to come back again and again? Nope!

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What’s New in Metasearch: Q2 2020

There are a few metasearch updates this quarter. The thread that connects them is a commitment to removing barriers to both advertising and traveling

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How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs of Metasearch Campaigns

Metasearch is a great way for visitors to compare channels based on price, but many hotels also offer non-price perks such as late check-out

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pablo delgado of mirai talking about google hotel products and their dominant position

Google Hotel Products Evolve! Who Will be Winners and Losers?

We talk specifically about Google, how it has evolved a number of its products and how they can be of real value to hotels in a risk free way

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