So what is Revenue Hub …….

Set up by people with a collective passion for Revenue Management, Revenue Hub curates the latest industry news in, and around, Revenue Management, Reservations, Front Office, Distribution, eCommerce and Digital Marketing – all aimed at helping professionals in these disciplines keep abreast of current news in a time saving way.

In addition to curating news from many leading sources, we will also be using our contacts to bring current jobs requiring skills in: Revenue Management, Reservations, Front Office, Distribution, eCommerce and Digital Marketing

We will also be utilising our contacts to provide expert commentary, insight and unique content specific to our audience’s professional expertise.

Finally we aim to provide a platform where relevant industry events can be promoted and forums established to answer the pressing questions of the day.

Working with industry professionals, employers, suppliers, associations and educators we hope to provide valuable insight, views and jobs to those working directly in, or closely aligned to, Revenue Management.


Why will we charge for some of the premium elements of the site …..

Whilst we will always aim to provide news and articles free of charge, other elements we will bring to the site require quite a large investment in terms of people and technology.

To cover this cost, we could sell your data or fill our site with (often) irrelevant advertising that is more  intrusive than persuasive ; but we don’t want to do that!!

Our business model is to charge for some of the site’s premium elements but with the continual aim of keeping these costs as low as possible.

We also believe by levying a small charge it keeps us “honest” – what do we mean by that? Well, we cant be lazy …… if we don’t continue to bring the most relevant news, views, jobs and content to you, the customer, then you won’t join (or renew).

Whilst we continue to invest in improving what we offer, we also feel those professionals committed to improving their awareness and knowledge in their area of expertise will see this small charge as an investment and not a cost – but that requires us to continually bring you the best content. Therefore building a mutually valuable relationship.

Finally, by levying a small charge we hope to build a community of committed, engaged users who will help drive professionals in and around Revenue Management to their next level of development. By making a financial commitment we hope that also helps establish an emotional commitment.

We hope that explains why we will have to charge for some of the elements of the site …. but we also hope you feel it is worth it.