How Independent Hotels can Maximise Revenue & Distribution post Crisis

We have identified 8 strategies that you can implement to transform your hotel both in profit and in attitude to revenue, distribution, sales, and marketing

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offices or hotels connected by technology

If You’re Hoping for a Bounce Back Later, Focus on Your Hotel Technology.

Setting up or restarting technology you may have paused can be an ordeal. Start now and be ready from Day 0 to make the most “rush hour demand”

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The Hotelier’s Action Plan for a Post Lockdown World

Now is the time to re-build your strategy with a clean slate. We have lockdown reached ground zero, now we must move upward

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The Top 7 Distribution Channels for Independent Hotels

Hoteliers should explore all distribution options, including how these channels can benefit their hotel, to create a multi-faceted mix meeting market needs

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Capturing Travel Agent GDS Bookings in Challenging Times

Even through this period of uncertainty the GDS has consistently remained one of the highest ADR channels. And travel agents have some excellent reasons to keep booking hotels through these

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tracks show different channel of train routes

Right Channel per Right Room Type: Inventory Management per Channel

Production statistics for every channel compared to the cost of distribution could easily give you the evidence of a revenue contribution for every channel and net rate (after cost breakdown) as well

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Hotels vs OTAS: Focus on Data Driven Smart Distribution

I have seen hotels that succumbed and hotels that resurrected and overcame competition, only by changing their distribution strategies and by balancing their channel mix

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hotels keeping Lights on during crisis

How can Hotels Keep Lights on During the Current Crisis!

It appears we are on the cusp of another recession. It’s time to get resilient. Here are tips on what hotels can do to keep the lights on over the upcoming weeks and months

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No New Normal for Hotel Distribution Time for Hoteliers to Decide

No New Normal for Hotel Distribution: Time for Hoteliers to Decide

We talk with Pablo Delgardo of mirai. Pablo explains why there will be ‘No New Normal’ for hotel distribution and how it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate their strategy and direct booking approach

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Rebound After the Crisis: Creating a Hotel Distribution Recovery Strategy

You might have to reallocate your marketing and distribution budget to focus more on the domestic market during the post-crisis period. Thus, it’s essential to review your digital marketing campaigns

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