How Metasearch Marketing Can Help Your Hotel

If you’re not owning your space in metasearch, you’re giving guaranteed bookings right to the OTAs, costing you money and future revenue

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Hotel Distribution Channels: Future Opportunity in Channel Disruption

Yet for all the challenges in distribution, immense possibility exists for hotels that take an imaginative omnichannel approach

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Google’s Hotel Page Makeover: DMA Compliance and Implications

Google, has implemented alterations to comply with DMA regulations. These changes are evident in travel search areas, with a substantial focus on hotels

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The Most Profitable Marketing Channels for Hotels

When independent hotels participate in the most profitable marketing channels, brand visibility increases exponentially and reliance on OTAs decreases

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The Evolving Role of a Hotel Channel Manager

Channel management is vital for a hotel’s commercial success, with increasing reliance on OTAs driving room night reservations and emergence of metasearch

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book now on a mobile phone reflecting the importance of booking apps to independent hotels

Best Hotel Booking Apps for Independent Hotels

Being present on the best and most popular booking apps will help your hotel become a consideration for travellers as they prepare to book their stays

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Metasearch is Not Just Effective But Increasingly Efficient

In 2024, embracing the potential of metasearch is no longer an option, but a necessity for hoteliers looking to thrive in the competitive hotel landscape

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How to Track Hotel Demand with Booking.com

Booking.com provides a clear indicator of how strong demand is, how it’s evolving for our destination, and how we’re performing relative to that demand

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people with speech bubbles above their heads with stars inside reflecting guest hotel reviews and the potential impact on hotel revenue management strategies

How Do Guest Reviews Impact Revenue Management Strategies?

By understanding the influence of guest reviews on booking decisions hoteliers can maximize revenue potential and maintain a competitive edge in the market

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broken piggy bank reflecting hotels need to evaluate their metasearch budgets as a response to google removing cpa bidding

Rethinking Metasearch Budgets After Google Removes CPA Bidding

Hoteliers might consider funds that were previously allocated to areas with low return which could be redirected towards high return metasearch advertising

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