Hotel Distribution – Why You Need to be “Agile” as a Hotelier

The need for agile hotel distribution is more important now than ever, as the hotel industry continues to strategize and map out roads to recovery

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10 Hotel Trends to Watch in 2021

The Hotel industry has been significantly impacted in 2020, but the downturn has provided time to rethink and reset sales and marketing strategies

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14 Highly Effective B2C & B2B Hotel Sales Strategies

We work with inventory that is time dependent. developing an effective sales strategy must work hand in hand with revenue management theory

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suitcases as hotels anticipate guests returning in 2021

8 Top Travel Trends Hotels Must Act on to Capture Demand in 2021

If optimism turns into reality, hotels could see the first signs of leisure guests to capture, followed later in the year 2022 by business travelers

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Is Promoted Hotels Google’s Christmas Gift to Hoteliers?

The addition of Google Promoted Hotels to their Metasearch product along with Google Hotel Finder rounds out their hotel search experience.

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How to Use Hotel Metasearch to Increase Direct Bookings

Hotel metasearch represents a huge opportunity to increase your profitability. But how do you make sure it’s successful for your hotel?

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tracks show different channel of train distribution routes

A Successful Direct Channel Growth Strategy in 6 Stages

Reinventing the hospitality scene with a neighborhood lifestyle twist, Penta Hotels offers the modern-minded and business traveler of today comfort and style in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. NB: This is an […]

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google pay per stay is a new option to help global hotels as they rebound

Pay per Stay; Is it the Right Model for my Hotel?

In Pay per Stay it is worth noting that Google do all the heavy lifting, the cost of management is dramatically lower than a PPC campaign

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mirai metasearch and koddi

Mirai Selects Koddi to Help Hotels Better Compete in Metasearch

Metasearch already scaled to become one of the most important online marketing channels in 2019, continuing its growth trajectory

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Metasearch Advertising Just Got a Lot More Complicated

Search for your hotel in Google’s metasearch engine. Seeing more ads from OTAs or more from metasearch engines? Can you tell the difference?

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