Willingness to Pay, Demand and Elasticity

A willingness to pay approach focuses on targeting direct channels, customers, and opportunities as a mix. By optimizing your mix, you optimize your revenue

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hotel room keys reflecting hotel inventory occupancy

Automated Forecasting of True Inventory Availability

Until recently upsell software solutions did not check inventory availability. They were simply offer systems collecting requests for later manual approval

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It’s 2022, but the Same Problems Persist for Hotels

A trickling back of demand complemented by a rate strategy that is a departure from the past. Hotels held rather than slash rates, a beneficial strategy

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image of a staycation which can be a revenue generator for hotels

Five Easy Tips to Drive Revenue With Local Staycationers

With Covid variant surges still impacting international travel, hotels and resorts need to get creative and think local to keep generating revenue

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Traveler Intent Shows Willingness to Spend More on Travel in 2022

Year-end sentiment and search data shows ongoing demand for travel remains high. Who benefits from the tourism demand?

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How To Reduce Your Hotel OTA Commissions

It is easy to rely on OTA bookings. They do the advertising, handle reservations, but the higher proportion of OTA bookings, the less revenue you make

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Revenue Management Discipline’s Need to Adapt Not “Go Back to Normal”

During COVID-19, ownership groups and management companies took organizational decisions that impacted the effectiveness of Revenue Management

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How Can Hotel Website Design Bring in More Bookings and Revenue?

Travellers want a website that reflects their demands and expectations; if your website does not engage them, it is unlikely to convert significant bookings

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person stacking a pile of coins much like hotels need to upsell to increase revenue in 2022

Putting Upsell Revenue Contributions into Context

Every traveler has a maximum value they can offer your hotel and upselling can help capture this and in turn increase overall revenue and profitability

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Six Ways Benchmarking Can Support Post Pandemic Recovery

No matter what stage of the pandemic you are experiencing, these six benchmarking areas will support your distribution strategy and revenue recovery

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