Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels veit meier berner+becker interview YouTube Thumbnail

Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels

We look at how global economic factors might influence different traveller attitudes and why hotels must revisit some basic revenue management principles

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Why You Should Use Channel Forecasting To Drive Hotel Profits

Effective channel strategy and management require going beyond decision-making using stale growth revenue reports generated at month’s end

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What is Price Segmentation

By implanting a successful price segmentation strategy, you can extract a greater portion of the consumer surplus in the form of untapped revenue and profits

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christmas tree at a luxury hotel reflecting the importance now to boost direct bookings over the festive season

‘Tis the Season to Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

Now is the time to take the reins and boost your direct bookings. We ho ho hope these examples inspire you to create your most festive holiday campaign

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Can London Hotel ADR Overcome High Inflation?

We expect a number of London hotels will retain the ADR uplift they have gained during 2022 and mostly compensate for inflation in 2023 pricing strategies

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of hotels needing to look forward and consider both revenue management tactics and strategy to really excel

Tactical vs Strategic Revenue Management and How to Excel at Both

When it comes to deciding between tactical vs strategic revenue management, there’s actually no clear-cut answer to the question ‘Which is best?

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From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead Video Interview YouTube Thumbnail

From Beonprice to BEONx: The Evolution and Journey Ahead

In this discussion we talk about the Beonprice brand evolution to BEONx, what BEONx is, sustainable profitability and digitalization

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How to Improve Your Hotel Upsell Program to Boost Direct Revenue

While upsell can certainly boost your revenue, they can also deepen guest relationships. So, taking time to invest in some best practices will go a long way

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Hold The Phone! 6 Tips for Converting Hotel Calls to Bookings

Every phone call should be treated as a critical opportunity to establish a positive relationship that results in a booking and, ultimately, a loyal guest

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woman and robots in front of computers refelcting a potential outdated view of adding ai to your hotel call center

The Power of Integrating AI into Your Hotel’s Call Center

While AI is not designed to replace your entire call center, it can significantly allow those employees to give full attention to more complex reservations

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