Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels veit meier berner+becker interview YouTube Thumbnail

Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels

We look at how global economic factors might influence different traveller attitudes and why hotels must revisit some basic revenue management principles

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christmas tree at a luxury hotel reflecting the importance now to boost direct bookings over the festive season

‘Tis the Season to Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

Now is the time to take the reins and boost your direct bookings. We ho ho hope these examples inspire you to create your most festive holiday campaign

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3 Ways to Drive Hotel Demand in 2023

With many travelers eager to travel again, it’s crucial that properties activate comprehensive digital advertising strategies to capture increased demand

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businesses and homes are all reachable in a connected way for hotels if they really invested time understanding distribution in the 21st century and this advice will help them

A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century

We review some of the main channel partners, their role and the extent to which we should use each of them to best implement our distribution strategy

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European City Tourism on Track to Recovery in Q4

When looking ahead at the 2023 outlook, Q1 in European city tourism is off to a good start as well at just -20% international arrivals compared to 2019

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Hold The Phone! 6 Tips for Converting Hotel Calls to Bookings

Every phone call should be treated as a critical opportunity to establish a positive relationship that results in a booking and, ultimately, a loyal guest

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woman and robots in front of computers refelcting a potential outdated view of adding ai to your hotel call center

The Power of Integrating AI into Your Hotel’s Call Center

While AI is not designed to replace your entire call center, it can significantly allow those employees to give full attention to more complex reservations

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man using a hotel payment gateway to book a room online providing valuable revenue but don't forget the option of direct pre-authorizations

Direct Pre-Authorizations Can Boost Hotel Revenue Starting Today

Pre-authorizations are an indispensable way to preserve cash flow as they protect hotels from losses like late cancellations, chargebacks and no shows

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How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?

In order to maximise conversion and revenue without spending too much, keep in mind the following Google Hotel Ads best practices

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What is ALOS and How Do You Calculate It?

Understanding your hotel’s ALOS can help you on several fronts. First, it reveals booking patterns across seasons and during events

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