businesses and homes are all reachable in a connected way for hotels if they really invested time understanding distribution in the 21st century and this advice will help them

A Handbook on Hotel Distribution in the 21st Century

We review some of the main channel partners, their role and the extent to which we should use each of them to best implement our distribution strategy

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increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces reflecting net ADR, the most important KPI hotels should pay attention to

Net ADR: The Most Important KPI You Should Pay Attention To

A rigorous net ADR analysis, that also takes into account discounts and all types of costs, is a core competency every revenue manager should have

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Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels How to Bring Them Together mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing Funnels: How to Bring Them Together?

Do you hear people talk about moving potential guests through the funnel and wondering what they mean? Well this discussion might be of interest to you

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Hotel Digital Marketing Where Does Mid and Upper Funnel Fit In mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing: Where Does Mid and Upper Funnel Fit In?

In the previous video we took a closer look at the lower funnel, in this third video we look into both the Middle and Upper Funnel

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Digital Marketing Lower Funnel What Is It and Why Important mirai YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Digital Marketing Lower Funnel: What Is It and Why Important?

What is the lower funnel, where does it fit into hotel marketing activities and why is it (possibly) the most effective use of digital marketing investment

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hotel digital marketing 101 episode 1 video thumbnail mirai recording

You Might Have Built It, But Will They Book? Digital Marketing 101

You have a hotel, you have a website but does anyone know about it beyond your listing on OTAs, this is where Digital Marketing comes in

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rate parity is over mirai article image

Parity is Over: Define New Pricing Strategy with Booking and Expedia

Inventory and rate parity is no longer a valid strategy. Parity sounds like a 90’s concept. It is the time to redefine a new relationship with the OTAs

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booking.com name in neon lights

Booking.com’s Shift to Merchant Model and How Hotels Can Compete

The first decision hotels should make is withdrawing from the “Payments by Booking.com” program. Our bet, however, is Booking will make it mandatory

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hurdles reflecting the self inflicted challenges for hotels to convert direct sales

Three Hurdles to Direct Sales

Reducing or simply eliminating these hurdles should be your number one priority, as it will increase the volume and profitability of your direct sales

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to embrace a revenue management philosophy

Understand And Make The Most of Your Demand Data

When analysing direct sales, don’t overlook the booking request data you receive, both the total requests and the requests you’re unable to fulfil

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