booking.com name in neon lights

Booking.com’s Shift to Merchant Model and How Hotels Can Compete

The first decision hotels should make is withdrawing from the “Payments by Booking.com” program. Our bet, however, is Booking will make it mandatory

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hurdles reflecting the self inflicted challenges for hotels to convert direct sales

Three Hurdles to Direct Sales

Reducing or simply eliminating these hurdles should be your number one priority, as it will increase the volume and profitability of your direct sales

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to understand and make the most of their demand data

Understand And Make The Most of Your Demand Data

When analysing direct sales, don’t overlook the booking request data you receive, both the total requests and the requests you’re unable to fulfil

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microsoft bing hotel price ads mirai article image

Bing Hotel Price Ads, a New Showcase for Your Direct Sales

Bing Hotel Price Ads is an opportunity to recover sales from customers who are searching for you but end up with the OTAs because they bid on your name

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money with rope tied in a knot reflecting possible damage of fixed budgets to hotel paid campaigns

Why Setting a Fixed Budget for Paid Campaigns is Damaging

In the hands of the right professionals, paid campaigns are a valuable resource that can be optimised to return a much higher ROAS than other channels

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image of mirai article about trivago and improvement to cpa and cancellations taken into account netcpa

Trivago Improves CPA With Cancellations Taken Into Account (Net CPA)

trivago is transforming its Gross CPA model to a Net CPA model for independent hotels, which will take cancellations into account when charging commissions

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video thumbnail of coffee time chat with javier delgado of mirai about the need for hotels to evolve fast or suffer in the future

Hotels Must Evolve Fast – It Will Be a Tough Future Otherwise

We touch on a number of topics with a mood of optimism that travel will return, whilst realising hotels can be short-sighted and have short memories

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mirai article image about making your Eco-Sustainable Hotel Stand Out on Google and Booking.com

Make Your Eco-Sustainable Hotel Stand Out on Google and Booking.com

Since the end of summer 2021, Google has begun to identify eco-sustainable hotels and Google Travel users can already see information about these hotels

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increasing coins under monopoly hotel pieces reflecting importance of a successful hotel overbooking strategy

The Increase in Revenue of a Good Room Upselling Strategy

There is a general consensus that a good room upselling strategy brings a lot of value to the hotel. We summarise it in four points:

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mirai image relating to booking.com introducing native ads

Booking.com Introduces “Native Ads”

This is probably the most interesting part, as native ads are mostly intended for destination searches (“hotels in Boston”) and not branded searches

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