Google recently introduced Hotel Insights, a tool that provides hotels with information on trends and resources to improve their site visibility and attract more users to improve the performance of their marketing efforts.

NB: This is an article from mirai, one of our Expert Partners

As part of the launch, Google presented several success stories, including one about Sandos Hotels & Resorts.

This success story explains how they tackled the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of investments in Google Ads, while controlling the cost per booking, by working together with Google and Mirai (we are Sandos’ Digital Marketing strategy partner). To do this, Sandos changed their bidding strategy from manual bidding to smart bidding.

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As a result, more relevant ads were shown to the right audience, leading to an increase in clicks and a reduction in acquisition cost (-42%), optimising their conversion rate (+88%) and ROI (+60%).

According to Bárbara Balderas, Digital Marketing Manager at Sandos, “Our challenge was to increase the profitability of campaigns in these uncertain times without losing control of the investment”.

Read on for more of this success story:

The challenge

Moving from manual bidding to smart bidding by enhancing the structure of the account and applying the right strategy to increase paid search effectiveness, without giving up on increasing account volume and controlling at all time the cost per booking.

The approach

Started changing the account structure with the recommendations for Modern Search and implementing smart bidding strategies. More relevant ads were delivered to the right audience, contributing to get more clicks at a less cost, and therefore increasing conversion rate and ROI.

Partnering with Mirai Digital Marketing

Sandos Hotels & Resorts partnering with Mirai Digital Marketing and Google team worked together on implementing huge changes at account level that significantly improved the performance of the Google Ads campaigns in the Resorts located in Mexico.

By unifying the data under a new account structure to maximize the number of impression per ad group, we generated new audience signals that are used by smart bidding strategies to deliver the more relevant ads.

The smart bidding strategy chosen for it was Target CPA, that forces to think of a cost per conversion, as a way to optimise. Changes on attribution model were also important to drive marketing decisions and better performance.

The results

Thanks to the implementation of these changes, the main performance KPIs improved but the account has also been given a scalable structure that allows it to face future challenges with greater guarantees.

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