In this podcast we talk with Veit Meier and Till Benthien, from berner+becker, about the topic of Distribution Strategy, how this is changing for the future, what part do OTAs play and where does Google fit into this changing landscape

There is a far ranging discussion touching on the following areas:

  • What technology is needed to support an effective distribution strategy.
    • The importance of implementing a channel manager to free up staff from repetitive manual tasks, reduce the risk of overbooking and stay up to date ensuring your inventory is connected across all channels
    • Why a rate shopper is a valuable asset alongside a channel manager
    • How it’s easy to fall into the trap of relying on the major OTAs
    • Finally the importance of the hotel website and booking engine is also critical
  • Some best practices and tips are discussed.
    • High impact of other rate products that could be implemented.
    • Ensuring your channels can display the packages you have developed
    • Importance of regularly reassessing your distribution strategy
    • The value of quality content presented on the different channels
    • Does your strategy properly reflective your Market segmentation
    • Regular evaluation of your results to ensure implemented strategy is working as expected
    • Why direct bookings are important but your website and booking engine are more important
  • OTAs may not be your best friend but they are not always your worst enemy.
    • Direct bookings are important but if your website is poor, loads slowly, isn’t mobile friendly and if your booking engine is ‘clunky’ then you will turn off direct bookers.
    • If your price offerings aren’t competitive then you will also lose out.
    • Do hotel staff put themselves in the shoes of a potential guest and actually try to make a booking via an OTA? How does the hotel look on the OTAs? Have they try to book direct and what is that experience like?
  • Where does Google fit into all this …. are they a leveller or will they make the situation worse.
    • How to best utilise its current offerings
    • Can hotels compete with OTAs, in marketing spend, to ensure hotels are higher up in Google rankings
    • Can hotels take a hit with ranking on OTAs by providing cheaper rates on Google rather than on the OTA
    • Will a hotel decide to remove themselves from the large OTAs and just use Google to drive direct bookings (alongside other smaller channels with a lower commission, thereby lower cost of acquisition)

berner+becker bio

Since May 2016 berner+becker revenue management is changing the way how independent hotels and smaller chains are having access to high qualitative revenue management services, by offering outsourced revenue management, consulting and training. Their mission is to “Provide hotels access to effective and tailor-made revenue management services. Performed by qualified and experienced revenue management professionals, always striving to deliver a positive impact on bottom line results.”