When to Choose OTAs Over Hotel Direct Reservations

Whether reservations come directly or through OTAs is secondary, as the primary concern is filling rooms that would otherwise remain empty

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The Most Profitable Marketing Channels for Hotels

When independent hotels participate in the most profitable marketing channels, brand visibility increases exponentially and reliance on OTAs decreases

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20 Hotel Sales Strategies to Effectively Increase Revenue

By implementing these hotel sales strategies, you unlock a greater ability to enhance guest experiences and drive revenue growth

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book now on a mobile phone reflecting the importance of booking apps to independent hotels

Best Hotel Booking Apps for Independent Hotels

Being present on the best and most popular booking apps will help your hotel become a consideration for travellers as they prepare to book their stays

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Checkmate OTAs: 3 Winning Strategies to Drive Direct Bookings

Fortunately, there are a few strategies that hoteliers can use to checkmate OTAs and encourage more hotel direct bookings

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How to Track Hotel Demand with Booking.com

Booking.com provides a clear indicator of how strong demand is, how it’s evolving for our destination, and how we’re performing relative to that demand

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coins flying off a pile illustrating why hotels should evaluate if they spend money on commissions or invest in direct sales

Spend on Commissions or Invest in Your Direct Sales?

The hotel industry pays OTAs around $47,000M per year in commissions, an average of almost $2,685 per room per year*

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one girl telling the truth to another girl in much the same way this article tells the truth about Google Performance Max (PMax)

8 Tips to Improve Your OTA Conversion Rates

Boosting page ranking organically involves maintaining a high conversion rate, which OTAs favor when determining a hotel’s page position

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How to Set Up Google Ads Hotel Brand Protection Campaigns

A brand protection campaign might not fail due to poor execution; it could simply be distribution or revenue issues making direct channels less appealing

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Hotels Under Pressure as OTA Competition for Guests Explodes

Hotels are in danger of becoming too reliant on OTA lead generation, to the point it becomes financially tough to recover their current share of bookings

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