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You Might Have Built It, But Will They Book? Digital Marketing 101

You have a hotel, you have a website but does anyone know about it beyond your listing on OTAs, this is where Digital Marketing comes in

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Five Ways Hoteliers Can Boost Their Metasearch Performance

Here are five tips to excel across metasearch platforms, one of the fastest growing distribution channels within today’s ever-changing travel landscape

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Price Parity Monitoring & Why Your Hotel Metasearch Needs It

While other metasearch solutions can take a week to alert a price parity issue, this is the only real time metasearch disparity monitoring tool

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Parity is Over: Define New Pricing Strategy with Booking and Expedia

Inventory and rate parity is no longer a valid strategy. Parity sounds like a 90’s concept. It is the time to redefine a new relationship with the OTAs

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The #1 OTA Strategy for Hotels Doesn’t Include OTAs (Sort of)

Don’t approach OTAs the same way year round. If your peak season is the summer and your off-season is winter, modify your OTA inventory to reflect that

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European Commission Publishes Study on Hotel Distribution Practices

This study provides the European Commission with up-to-date facts on the distribution of hotel accommodation in the EU

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Are You Making the Most of Your OTA Profiles?

It is important to invest time and energy into your OTA presence too. Here’s how to make the most of your OTA profiles to attract more guests to your hotel

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How to Turn OTA Customers into Loyal Guests

Your OTA profile convinces people to stop on your listing and/or find your website. It’s at the top of your marketing funnel, so it needs to look nice

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Do Hotels Need OTAs In The Post Pandemic World?

Hotels will need to become more competitive to their own listings on OTAs, and like OTAs, find ways how to break rate parity

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Expedia Search & Sort Factors Update: What Impact for Hoteliers?

This August, Expedia Group is releasing new Search and Sort Factors in their marketplace that will affect how hotels appear in Expedia’s search results

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