The Rise of the OTAs, Especially in the US Market

Largest opportunity window for OTAs right now is the U.S. market. Americans are increasingly more interested in traveling and currently more optimistic

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The Importance of Rate Parity for Hotel Websites

If your hotel is in rate parity, and guests are not able to book a lower rate, then there are no price incentives to drive them to an outside channel

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The Future of Online Hotel Bookings

Even though direct bookings are on the rise, OTAs are likely to want to earn back their lost market shares as soon as the travel resumes

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image of face with data points around showing importance of data strategy

How a Data Strategy Can Improve Hotel Profitability and Direct Bookings

While data is important in managing your distribution and improving your profitability, it’s not everything – it’s about creating a strategy

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Hotels Should See Post-Pandemic Landscape as Opportunity to ‘Be Direct’

The gradual ramp-up this summer is great chance for hotels to be strategic about their return to business and set a better, healthier distribution strategy

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Car moving at pace reflecting how hotels could be in the driving seat regarding distribution

Could Hotels be Back in the Distribution Driving Seat?

Despite early predictions that the OTAs would dominate the distribution landscape, direct bookings are on the up and phone reservations are resurgent

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5 Things Hoteliers Need to Know About OTA Travelers

Here, we look at five takeaways from the research that hoteliers should keep in mind about OTA travelers as properties reopen their doors

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Booking.com Have Expanded Their Genius Loyalty Programme

As an independent hotelier, it’s important to be aware of Booking.com’s expanding loyalty programme. Why? Because it may impact your direct bookings

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Will Hotel Direct Bookings Kill OTAs for Good?

Is it impossible for hotel direct bookings to overthrow the reign of OTAs? Can independent hotels challenge the two major channels, Booking and Expedia?

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booking rateintelligence tool

Booking’s Sponsored Benefit is Just Discount for Advance Payment

The “Booking Sponsored Benefit” is nothing else but “discount for advance payment” which is applied to the customer when the following conditions are met:

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