Hotel Distribution and The Pandemic: The Travel Chessboard

Look for more niche distribution channels where you can capture the domestic market or OTAs in countries where you believe there could be a potential market

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OTAs Deliver Business. Can Hoteliers Do Better?

As business slowly wakens from hibernation, how should hoteliers address OTAs? According to some, it’s time to beat them at their own game

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How Hotels Can Best Fight Against OTAs with Paid Search Marketing

A worthwhile strategy for many hotels was to decrease their upfront marketing costs while increasing their contribution of bookings from OTAs

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booking rateintelligence tool

What Booking.com Was Doing to Gain Market Share During Lockdown

We’re living in uncertain times never seen before in the sector, as well as a change in the paradigm of online shopping and Booking.com knows it

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How Your Conversion Rate is Affected by Parity Performance

How much additional direct revenue could your hotel capture if you lowered the number of parity violations and proportionally raise conversion rates?

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How Much Are You Paying in OTA Commission and How to Reduce it?

Before you embark on a mission to reduce your OTA spend, calculate what your OTA commissions are. Assess for the value, not just volume, of bookings

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Working with OTAs: The Indirect Distribution Dilemma

Overall results show benefits of participating with OTAs substantially outweigh the costs, resulting in clear and substantial boost to hotels’ bottom line

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two puzzle pieces coming together like a hotel aligning it's distribution and marketing to boost revenue

How to Align Your Distribution and Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue

Many hotels don’t include direct within their distribution cost calculations, but for most hotels their costs of direct are around 8%+ of distribution

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revenue management questions answered

Hoteliers’ Top 10 Revenue Management Questions… ANSWERED

Many hoteliers struggle with the same revenue management questions, especially during times of significant market uncertainty, like we are experiencing

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Google Hotel Free Booking Links – OTA Freedom or Competition?

For the direct channel, Google’s Hotel Free Booking Link represents a new opportunity to compete with OTAs and drive more direct traffic

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