person with arms open in joy reflecting how hotels must offer guests something digital intermediaries cannot to gain back primacy in travel planning

Hotels Must Offer Something Competing Digital Intermediaries Cannot

Third party encroachment on the customer booking journey means higher costs for hotels to achieve visibility in the eye of the consumer

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Trapped in Commoditization: How Hotels Can Charge Premium Rate

Automated pricing systems have involuntarily joined forces with the OTAs to drive down the price, leading to the commoditization of hotels

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Your Relationship With OTAs Doesn’t Have to be Toxic

OTAs are like that matchmaking friend who will set you up on the first date but then refuse to stop meddling in the relationship

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Travelers Turn to OTAs for Research and Planning

Travelers using OTAs for research and planning highlights the importance of having a brand presence beyond your owned website

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logos of some of the ota booking sites

10 Best Booking Site for Hotels

There are many providers that could be considered among the best third party hotel booking sites, but not every site is the right choice for your business

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3 Proven Ways to Convert OTA Guests to Direct Bookings

Hotels must strike a balance between OTA and direct bookings, and here are some steps that will help you to start converting OTA guests into direct

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How Online Platforms Help U.S. Independent Hotels Compete

Online platforms can help address the imbalance, empowering independent hotels to improve their competitiveness. There are three key areas to consider:

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Navigating Profitability: Crucial Role of Customer Acquisition Cost

Understanding and effectively managing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is critical to profit-oriented Revenue Management

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Tips for Hoteliers to Balance Online and Direct Bookings

Prioritizing profitable bookings along with maximizing occupancy and driving revenue from direct bookings offers the greatest cost-cutting benefits

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smaller man standing by feet of much larger man showing disparity in size between otas and hotels

An ‘End to Unfair Practices’: New Laws to Rein in Power of OTAs

From price parity clauses to the fact that OTAs hoard user data, the hotel industry has long been crying out for measures to restore balance

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