mechanical figure in shape of thinker contemplating how hotel revenue management will evolve along with technology

How Will the RMS Evolve to Move Revenue Management Forward

We explore how the RMS is evolving and what additional data sets are being integrated to enhance price forecasting and revenue management

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How to Turn More Website Visitors into Confirmed Bookings

To encourage website visitors to book their reservations using your website, you need to make it simple and clear for them

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pace and ota insight logos

Pace Announces its Partnership with OTA Insight

The pace and ota insight integration of rate shopping data between both platforms is a significant stride forward, offering hotels significant benefits

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing revenue

How to Optimize Revenue Strategy with Rate Optimization

A strong revenue management strategy allowing you to secure market share and maximize average spend is key to success in this time of slowly growing demand

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video interview do you want your revenue manager to be strategic

Want your Revenue Manager to be Strategic …. do you have an RMS?

In this video we are joined by Michael McCartan, founder of mccartan tech consulting and Michael Sandeen, Senior Revenue Manager at Pace We continue our discussion about the evolution of […]

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Chatbot Messaging or Just Messaging – What’s the Difference?

Over the last decade, messaging has become an intrinsic part of our communication – we are not only messaging friends and family anymore, but also brands

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Get to the Point and Get More Bookings

The same three things that hotel shopping decisions revolve around are also the same that tend to get a shopper’s attention

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Optimize Your Booking Engine Layouts

Hotels invested in the need for direct booking strategies to stand out from the crowd. The booking engine layout plays an key role for the following reasons

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The Art of Rate Shopping

While a Rate Shopper is critical to understanding comp set. Without the right tools to understand your own rates and distribution your actions may be futile

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board

Leveraging Hotel Data to Shake Off Demand Uncertainty

Equipped with pertinent data to back up the choices you make, you’ll feel more secure knowing that each step you’re taking is grounded and supported

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