expert partner who are we fulvio giannetti of lybra

Lybra “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Lybra as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Fulvio Giannetti – CEO Fulvio talks us […]

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person looking at a path through questions marks contemplating how hard it is for hotel revenue management during a pandemic

Revenue Management During a Pandemic: APAC Focus

When looking at revenue strategies for the future, set BAR rates to attract domestic travellers, revise room types and offer flexible booking

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Can Forecasting Be Done When Historical Data Becomes Irrelevant?

By focusing on demand forecasting, we can establish price customisation strategies, working from a Customer-Centric Revenue Management view

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More (Brand) Power to You: Don’t Cut Your Marketing Budget

There is space right now to create significance as a brand. People are asking for more value driven options, so up to you to give it to them

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10 Requirements to Internationalise your Direct Channel Sales

Boosting your official website’s direct sales internationally is a challenge, but it is key to ensure you don’t become easy prey for the OTAs

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hotel travel tech mindset

Where Is Travel Tech Headed In The Post Crisis Era?

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy is still under shock and travel has only recovered to 40% of pre-COVID levels

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Step by Step Guide to Collecting Hotel Guest Email Addresses

A successful hotel and revenue management plan must have a strong email marketing strategy and the gathering of high quality hotel guest data

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“Free” PMS API Integration is the Key to Hotel Innovation

API integration will be essential to enable endless possibilities for innovation, give hoteliers a competitive edge and ride out the pandemic

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5 Key Research Insights into 2020 Guest Expectations

The new ideal for consumers is a guest experience transformed and streamlined by technology. Here are five takeaways hoteliers can consider

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The Great Hospitality Reset: Opportunities Post Crisis

In the face of one of the biggest crisis in recent memory, the hospitality market needs to rethink how it operates and build anew

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