hotel employee and guest engagement with modern hotel automation technology

Where is Real Innovation in Hotels Happening? Digital Guest Engagement

The hotel industry has a longstanding reputation for slow technological adoption. This can be seen in the adoption of digital guest engagement solutions

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How to Get Guests to Spend More at Your Hotel

Inspiring your guests to spend more starts before they even set foot in your Hotel. Make it effortless for your guests to spend and they will spend more!

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Why Microservice Hotel PMS Architecture is the Future

Microservice hotel PMS architecture offers scalability, sustainability, and security and is poised to be the future of travel tech infrastructure

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Is Blockchain a True Solution to OTA Challenge or a Silver Bullet Hope?

In the end, the implementation process of blockchain-based applications in the hotel sector comes back to one question: “Who owns the customer?”

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video image discussion around getting predictive and moving beyond Bi and forward looking data

Get Predictive: Moving Beyond BI and Forward Looking Data

In this discussion we consider how data analysis can go beyond business intelligence and forward looking data and explore predictive algorithms through AI

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cogs in shape of human face reflecting how hotels can supplement and support their revenue manager with a good rms technology

Top 5 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

Especially in the current market, a powerful RMS can make the difference between missing wave after wave of demand versus riding every wave to the beach

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words about data under a window ledge

A New Age of Hotel Management: Digital Collaboration Powered by Data

Strategic roles like finance, revenue management, marketing, and others require more data driven decision making than hands-on experience at the property

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heart made up of data showing the importance of clean data

Data is Like Gold For Hotel Marketers But Only If It’s Clean Data

Clean data is pivotal in driving higher engagement and revenue by allowing you to create personalized communications that speak directly to each hotel guest

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the hotels network outrigger hotel website conversion case study

How Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Increased Website Conversion and Direct Revenue

Despite receiving a high amount of website traffic their conversion rate was not as good as desired. It looked like users needed an extra incentive

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how an rms could help staffing issues

With Staffing a Major Issue Right Now, How Can RMS Technology Help?

The answer to the question “Can an RMS help my recruitment woes?” is clearly no, but if you look from a different angle, the answer could be a definite yes

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