pablo delgardo mirai who are we expert partner interview video

mirai “Who are We?” – In conversation with Pablo Delgado

In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Pablo Delgado, CEO of mirai. We talk about his background, early days of mirai and how it evolved

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Key Hospitality Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

Hoteliers need to understand the facts which drive their operations and the technology available to digitise and deliver a first-class guest experience

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How Can a Chatbot Help Improve Booking Conversions on My Website?

Integrating your chatbot with a booking engine means your bot can now guide your guests into completing their reservation from within the same conversation

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board showing shift in revenue management paradigm

The Paradigm Shift in Revenue Management with Future Demand Data

Creating forecasts based on future data sources is a paradigm shift in revenue management and, truly, the future of how hotels will price their rooms

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How COVID Has Accelerated Tech Adoption in the Hotel Industry

Those who make the right investments for their hotel and leverage digital technologies to elevate guest offerings will be in the best position to survive

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These Strange Times Call For a New Breed of Revenue Manager

So here’s to the real roaring ‘20s. A reimagined landscape with tremendous potential for the future of the hotel industry and revenue management

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Why Messy Data is Holding You Back

Unless a guest is logged into your website or booking engine, each time they make a new reservation, a new profile is created leading to duplicate data

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13 Insanely Useful Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s OTA Bookings

Just like you should not depend on only a selected OTAs for bookings, you should not also depend only on OTAs to get your bookings

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hotel website image showing sunloungers by a pool looking over new york skyline a unique guest experience

4 Hotels Bringing a Unique Guest Experience to Their Website

These impressive hotels offer guests an unrivaled experience on property, but also a unique and personalized experience with their website

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video thumbnail hilton hotel tips advice to drive demand

Hilton Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Future Demand

In this video Stephanie and Connor look specifically at Hilton branded hotels and ways they can drive demand. Some of the ideas could be generic

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