The Digital Transformation Paradox of Hotel Technology

It can’t just be about having the newest and shiniest technology, your choices must also positively impact the bottom line and digital customer journey

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sun setting reflecting end of summer season and why hotels need to think about how to drive revenue into the autumn and winter season

How to Drive Revenue at The End of First Post Covid Summer

There’s still time to make the most out of the revenge travel era and maximize your hotel’s occupancy and revenue with smart, proactive pricing

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userguest interview the power of automation via revmarketing automation video thumbnail

The Power of Automation via RevMarketing Automation (RMA)

How automation can be used effectively via the hotel’s own website to drive dynamic content, personalized messaging and increased booking conversion

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How to Diversify Hotel Revenue Using Business Intelligence

Hotel managers who already have BI software should be challenged to think more creatively about its use and ability to drive property revenue

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Improve Pricing Strategy, Competitive Position, an RevPAR case studies Beonprice article image

Improve Pricing Strategy, Competitive Position, and RevPAR (Case Studies)

It provided the opportunity to rethink pricing strategy, moving from a price level system to an open pricing system, which is more dynamic and profitable

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Is The Metaverse a Digital Playground or a Commercial Space?

Is the metaverse a digital playground for friends? Or is it a commercial space for companies and customers? It’s a little of both

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Independent Hotels Paying Price of Staying With Legacy PMS Solutions

If we look at the legacy infrastructure that has limited our industry growth and scalability for years, it’s hard not to focus criticisms on the hotel PMS

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Using Rate Intelligence for Revenue Management

Analytics is the bread and butter of revenue management. Provided in real time and conveniently visualized, it’s key to succeeding at the following tasks

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel tech has evolved

Hotel Tech: How to Make Sense of The Tool Jumble

Decide what are the most accurate hotel performance indicators, then define your objectives for each of them and build a plan on how to get the results

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Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa userguest revenue hub video thumbnail

Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa

We ask if revenue strategies often lost on the direct channel and if hotel marketeers consider revenue strategies when planning marketing campaigns

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