5 Reasons For Booking Engine Abandonment And How To Fix It

Tackling booking engine abandonment requires a strategic approach. By implementing these tactics, hotels can turn hesitant browsers into satisfied bookers

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The Strategic Impact of Revenue Management Technology in Dining

The increasing adoption of dynamic pricing across various sectors signals a shift towards more sophisticated revenue management strategies

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man frustrated reflecting impact of poor guest communication in this youtube thumbnail for hijiffy video discussion

Poor Guest Communication Impact is Bigger Than Lost Bookings

As well as discussing the challenges hoteliers face with guest communication Shaun will also give us a quick demo of how HiJiffy’s AI works

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small child at the bottom of a large flight of stairs reflecting the large challenges faced in trying to implement total revenue management

The Big Challenges to Implement Total Revenue Management

Total Revenue Management is hard because it’s a collection of different tactics. Your not just optimising room revenue, pricing and inventory

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a run down bus with the word blah repeated across it reflecting how total revenue management is spoken about so much abut still very little happens

Total Revenue Management: Why It Is Easier To Talk About Than Do

Using corporate business as an example, our guests outline why total revenue management is so challenging and why it isn’t really being done

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AI Can Help Revenue Managers Do The Job They Expected

AI could be the assistant you’ve always dreamed of, freeing up your time by handling low-value tasks and elevating the role of revenue management

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maze reflecting the challenge for hotels to navigate hospitality data and the need for a unified approach

Navigating the Maze of Data in Hospitality: A Unified Approach

Unless there is a unified commercial strategy bringing Revenue, Sales, and Marketing departments together, as well as their data, the problem will prevail

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Keeping Hospitality Human: Importance of Personal Touch and Hotel Tech

Personal interactions is increasingly hard to come by. In an industry grounded in hospitality and personalization, this approach seems counterintuitive

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EU’s New Digital ID: A Game Changer for Hotels

EU eIDAS II regulation presents a key moment for the hospitality industry. Embracing digital identity solutions could revolutionize the guest experience

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose considering the evolving hospitality trends and ai driven technologies

AI Driven Technologies and Trends: What’s Next for Hoteliers?

The hospitality industry is poised for significant change in 2024, largely driven by AI technologies and shifting consumer expectations

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