Find The Most Profitable Segment

Which segment should your hotel go after and in which order should you sell to manage your inventory correctly and maximize total profit?

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empty hotel room reflecting importance for hotels to pursue a diverse distribution strategy which may include bed banks

Understanding the Role of Bed Banks in Hotel Distribution

One important channel often overlooked by small and midsized properties – and whose role in distribution is frequently misunderstood – is bed banks

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3 people working in a hybrid hotel demonstrates the varied inventory needs required to respond to demand

How Hybrids & Hostels Can Rapidly Shift Inventory For Changes in Demand

Hybrids face unique challenges that include complexity of different inventory types in the same building but they also have particularly demanding customers

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hotel room keys reflecting hotel occupancy rates and possible impact on average daily rate (ADR)

Automated Forecasting of True Inventory Availability

Until recently upsell software solutions did not check inventory availability. They were simply offer systems collecting requests for later manual approval

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Optimise Your Hotel’s Room Inventory Management For Better Occupancy

Casual behaviour towards room inventory management by hotels can lead to various problems. Let’s discuss why you should be doing it in the first place

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How Have Europe’s Hotels Fared During The Pandemic?

The majority of the respondents expressed the belief that the hotels market will recover to pre-crisis levels within a horizon of three years

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Room Feature Combinations & Attribute Based Selling

Change the way you set up your room inventory and start to revolutionize the way you sell to make more revenue and increase customer satisfaction!

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laptop screen showing tripadvisor website

Tripadvisor Plus: How Will it Work?

Opinions on TripAdvisor Plus seem fairly unanimous that it is a sound strategy on the part of the platform especially during this economic crisis

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Hotel Competitive Set Reassessment for a Stronger Recovery

In order to define, or even redefine, your hotel’s competitive set, here are some do’s and don’ts to help ensure a strong, competitive recovery ahead

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Tripadvisors’ New Netflix Style Subscription: Tripadvisor Plus

No one has tackled the travel subscription market at scale and TripAdvisor is almost uniquely placed to do this. They have the potential to have real impact

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