Why Channel Management is Critical for Hotel Growth

Channel management oversees the distribution of your rooms. Enabling you to adjust room availability and rates across channels in real-time

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tightrope walker reflecting challenge for hotels of balancing whether to sell out or maximize revenue

Selling Out vs. Maximizing Revenue: The Delicate Balance

You’re not looking to eliminate risk entirely. Instead, the aim is to manage it where you’re optimizing for revenue without stretching your resources thin

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article image from flyr for hospitality about case study with tailormade hotels managing a complex revenue mix and revolutionizing pricing strategy

How to Handle an Eclectic Inventory and Complex Revenue Mix (Case Study)

With an eclectic inventory and a broad range of customer types, they needed revenue management technology that could handle a complex revenue mix

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sign post saying same old way or something new reflecting the need for hotels to flip the script and understand how to maximize hotel revenue

Flipping the Script: The Truth About Maximizing Hotel Revenue

True revenue success lies in mastering the art of yield management – a strategic approach that goes beyond mere occupancy numbers

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A Concise Guide to Hotel Inventory Management

Poor inventory management can result in higher operational costs, inefficient use of resources and lost revenue opportunities

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Make Guests the Architect of Their Experience to Drive Revenue

Why are hotels still assigning rooms to guests rather than letting them choose the room they want? Booking a hotel room shouldn’t feel like a gamble

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neon hotel vacancy sign reflecting need for hotels to manage the challenge of overbookings and cancellations

Best Practices for Hotel Inventory Management

From optimizing revenue to enhancing guest experiences, a well-structured inventory management strategy is essential

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Dynamic Packaging Solutions for Online Booking Engines

Dynamic packaging can help introduce end-to-end booking coverage. Otherwise, travelers will rely on OTAs suggesting solutions for vacation-related problems

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Bed Banks: Comparing Inventory and Connectivity

Bed banks are middlemen between hoteliers that aim to have decent occupancy rates and travel providers looking for inventory for their end customers

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Hand sketching Value Price puzzle concept reflecting how attribute based selling can help guests understand value of premium hotel rooms beyond just the price

Re-Frame Room Price Value: What Attribute Based Selling Can Do

Something needs to be done to better showcase – and derive appropriate value from – our premium rooms. Attribute Based Selling (ABS) holds the answer

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