A Concise Guide to Hotel Inventory Management

Poor inventory management can result in higher operational costs, inefficient use of resources and lost revenue opportunities

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Make Guests the Architect of Their Experience to Drive Revenue

Why are hotels still assigning rooms to guests rather than letting them choose the room they want? Booking a hotel room shouldn’t feel like a gamble

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neon hotel vacancy sign reflecting need for hotels to manage the challenge of overbookings and cancellations

Best Practices for Hotel Inventory Management

From optimizing revenue to enhancing guest experiences, a well-structured inventory management strategy is essential

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Dynamic Packaging Solutions for Online Booking Engines

Dynamic packaging can help introduce end-to-end booking coverage. Otherwise, travelers will rely on OTAs suggesting solutions for vacation-related problems

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Bed Banks: Comparing Inventory and Connectivity

Bed banks are middlemen between hoteliers that aim to have decent occupancy rates and travel providers looking for inventory for their end customers

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Hand sketching Value Price puzzle concept reflecting how attribute based selling can help guests understand value of premium hotel rooms beyond just the price

Re-Frame Room Price Value: What Attribute Based Selling Can Do

Something needs to be done to better showcase – and derive appropriate value from – our premium rooms. Attribute Based Selling (ABS) holds the answer

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triangle sign with the word yield spelt out reflecting the need to understand the difference between yield management and revenue management

Yield Management: How it Can Help You Optimise Your Revenue

Yield management controls enable you to filter your demand so that you can attract the most profitable market segments to your hotel

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neon hotel sign saying no vacancy reflecting the importance of stay restrictions in revenue management to boost the topline

How Stay Restrictions in Revenue Management Can Boost Your Topline

Depending on your property, guest demographics and demand patterns in the market, stay restrictions can be a great way to boost your revenue

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Find The Most Profitable Segment

Which segment should your hotel go after and in which order should you sell to manage your inventory correctly and maximize total profit?

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empty hotel room reflecting importance for hotels to pursue a diverse distribution strategy which may include bed banks

Understanding the Role of Bed Banks in Hotel Distribution

One important channel often overlooked by small and midsized properties – and whose role in distribution is frequently misunderstood – is bed banks

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