laptop screen showing tripadvisor website

Tripadvisor Plus: How Will it Work?

Opinions on TripAdvisor Plus seem fairly unanimous that it is a sound strategy on the part of the platform especially during this economic crisis

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Hotel Competitive Set Reassessment for a Stronger Recovery

In order to define, or even redefine, your hotel’s competitive set, here are some do’s and don’ts to help ensure a strong, competitive recovery ahead

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Tripadvisors’ New Netflix Style Subscription: Tripadvisor Plus

No one has tackled the travel subscription market at scale and TripAdvisor is almost uniquely placed to do this. They have the potential to have real impact

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Metasearch: The Rate Parity Battleground for 2021

Ask a revenue manager why they lose sleep at night, and you might hear a few mentions of uncontracted OTAs and booking sites that pop up in metasearch

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Hotel Room Wholesalers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Wholesalers can play a major role in the way you distribute your hotel rooms and rates. They will never distribute your inventory directly to travellers

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Rethinking Hotel Distribution Channels

Every hotel uses similar tools for distribution and OTAs have become a commodity. That means it’s harder for smaller hotels or chains to stand out

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COVID-19 Summary: 5 Key Points on Asia Pacific Hotel Performance

When using hotel total-room-inventory (TRI) methodology, Mainland China RevPAR was just 10% behind its 2019 RevPAR levels. Well ahead of other key regions

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yellow door amongst white doors reflecting occupancy balance needed in a hotel now we are in the staycation world

Capacity Constraints: Managing in a COVID-19 World

Understanding your unconstrained demand together with your yieldable capacity is necessary to make the best pricing and inventory management decisions

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Now That Hotels Are Offices, Will Business Travelers Return?

Hotels are not only looking at rooms-as-office day rates, but also large event rooms that could be converted to socially distanced workspaces

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like different upselling options for a hotel

Using an Attribute Based Selling Approach in Your Upsell Strategy

There are many ways to apply the forward thinking principles of attribute based selling through different channels for example, upselling

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