Today we are joined by Dori Stein – CEO of Fornova, one of our Expert Partners

Dori puts forward his views on why it’s even more important in the current climate that Revenue Managers must make themselves indispensable.

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He gives practical examples how to do this, touching on:

🔹 Driving direct revenues and demand generation.

🔹 Google Pay Per Stay and 3 key areas where this is highly advantageous to hotels and why Revenue Managers should be involved

🔹 How Revenue Managers should also get involved with OTAs and direct marketing campaigns via programmatic channels

Here are the video chapters:

  • Focusing Revenue Managers on Total Revenue Management in this climate is misleading (3:35)
  • Pay per Stay by Google is a fundamental shift and Revenue Managers must get involved (5:49)
  • 3 Reasons Pay per Stay is advantageous to hotels (7:01)
  • Why Revenue Managers should be involved working with OTAs (17:08)
  • Revenue Managers need to get closer to their hotel’s direct marketing campaigns (23:06)
  • How to engage with Marketing and Distribution teams (25:54)

You can also read a recent article Fornova wrote: Getting the most out of Google Hotel Ads Without Wasting your Marketing Budget

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