In todays video we are joined by Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn

Michael talks broadly about what marketing and communication approaches he is seeing in different hotel groups and regions as they face the challenge of opening

We then talk a little more specifically about the importance of a CRM in these time to ensure your messaging is really targeted to your different personas

He also touches on the increased relevance of a CRM as hoteliers prepare for a ‘cookie’ free world in 2023.

Here are the areas (and timestamps) covered in the the video:

  • Importance of continual communication with guests (2.52)
  • Hyper local, local, regional, national and international markets (5.58)
  • Impact of air travel for next 3 months unless ‘air bridges’ are introduced (8.38)
  • Will drive market really fill the void (11.15)
  • How social distancing is impacting ancillary revenue loss (15.23)
  • Thoughtful pricing, positioning and messaging is critical (17.38)
  • Complexity of costs in re-opening for meetings and impact on who covers these costs (19.15)
  • Data showing June 1st start and building through August and September (22.12)
  • Acceleration in CRM to micro segment and build personas (26.46)
  • ‘Cookie Free’ by 2023 (29.21)
  • Personalised pricing (33.43)

We hope you enjoy the video

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