Today we are joined by two regular guests, Veit Meier and Till Benthien, from berner+becker

In this video we start to look at what does ‘Strategic Revenue Management’ actually mean.

We explore what a strategic revenue professional role might look like and what additional information, or data, would be needed to help deliver in this role.

We also dig into how traditional organisation structures and reporting lines, along with lack of technology investment can stop this strategic role in it’s tracks.

The video is broken down into chapters so you can watch it all from start to finish or scroll to the parts of most interest to you.

Here are some of the core chapters:

3:41 What does Strategic Revenue Management mean

7:06 How much time should the Revenue Manager spend on pricing

13:37 What questions should we be asking when developing a plan

21:08 How should the role and title change

29:03 Growth cannot happen without technology support

36:48 Legacy organisation structures and perceptions stifling evolution

43:13 How should the strategic Revenue professional be targeted

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