cake layers like different hotel distribution channels

6 Steps to build an effective distribution strategy

Too often we see revenue management teams set rates and forget about them and fail to monitor how their inventory is performing across distribution channels

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car parking spaces for car rental companies to generate revenue

Intelligent Data Insights: Putting Car Rental Operators In The Driving Seat

We have developed a solution to specifically address the challenges facing the car rental industry. The result is Fornova Mobility Intelligence (FornovaMI)

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image of fornovahl free tool to help hotels tackle content parity

Free Tool for Hoteliers to Optimize Content Distribution

FornovaHL is an easy to use tool enabling hotels to automatically distribute or update their property’s profile content and attributes for online channels

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wording under a window saying data has a better idea

3 Reasons Why Valuable Data, Not Cheap Deals, is Secret to Recovery

By using data to understand the real cost and impact of decisions, hotels are able to build a revenue strategy that optimizes net RevPAR and GOPPAR

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two puzzle pieces coming together like a hotel aligning it's distribution and marketing to boost revenue

How to Align Your Distribution and Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue

Many hotels don’t include direct within their distribution cost calculations, but for most hotels their costs of direct are around 8%+ of distribution

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

Three Quick Wins to Optimize Post-Pandemic Hotel Distribution

Central to a sustainable de-risked distribution strategy will be optimizing your distribution health – both in terms of rate integrity and visibility

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picture of sunset at hotel resort helps booking conversion rate for hotels

How a Chain Improved Conversions by 20%

. They struggled to build that important one-to-one relationship with their guests and that meant their conversion rate was lower than it should be

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image of face with data points around showing importance of data strategy

How a Data Strategy Can Improve Hotel Profitability and Direct Bookings

While data is important in managing your distribution and improving your profitability, it’s not everything – it’s about creating a strategy

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Car moving at pace reflecting how hotels could be in the driving seat regarding distribution

Could Hotels be Back in the Distribution Driving Seat?

Despite early predictions that the OTAs would dominate the distribution landscape, direct bookings are on the up and phone reservations are resurgent

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empty balcony at hotel hoping their cancelations policy we help attract guests

Rise of Free Room Cancelations Shows No Sign of Slowing

The proliferation of free hotel cancelations policies has been one pandemic phenomenon that our industry is showing little sign of shaking off soon. NB: This is an article from Fornova […]

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