In today’s video we are joined by 2 guests:

🔹 Stephanie Smith – Founder and Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing
🔹 Connor Vanderholm – Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Topline Revenue

Stephanie and Connor look specifically at Hilton branded hotels and ways they can drive demand. Some of the ideas could be applied generally but our guests do reference technology which is Hilton specific.

With Stephanie’s experience in Digital Marketing and Connor’s background in Revenue Management we aim to reflect both sides of the commercial equation when we look at three core areas to help drive demand.

🔸 How to target leisure business right now
🔸 How to prepare for negotiated business
🔸 How can you take advantage of Hilton technology and 3rd party systems

‼ It’s important at this stage that we do put out a disclaimer ‼
Neither Stephanie or Connor work for Hilton, they do not represent Hilton and all views and ideas shared are just their own opinions.

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🎞 Here are the chapters:

  • Guest Introductions (2:54)
  • Targeting leisure business (5:08)
  • Preparing for negotiated business (19:22)
  • Supplemental technology solutions (37:33)
  • Wrap up (52:05)

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