looking at graphs through a magnifying glass asking how can a revenue manager become a revenue sleuth

Be a Revenue Sleuth and Unmask Revenue Maximization Tactics

The difference between a revenue manager and a revenue sleuth is more than just their focus; it’s their approach to maximizing value

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graphs which could reflect different hotel pricing highlighting what Is average rate index and why it is a key metric in hotel management

What Is Average Rate Index: A Key Metric in Hotel Management

Average rate index (ARI) is a metric that hoteliers can evaluate performance of their room rates relative to a group of competitors during a specific period

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Beat the Competition: How to Select the Right Comp Set

Regularly reviewing and updating your comp set will ensure your benchmarking remains relevant and you continue to capture a larger market share

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person at a laptop maybe a revenue manager utilising ai for dynamic revenue optimization

Leveraging AI for Dynamic Revenue Optimization

Dynamic revenue optimization is the practice of adjusting prices in real-time based on demand, market trends, and various other factors

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dots of different colurs reflecting data sets and how to empower hotel revenue strategies through ai and causal ml

Empowering Hotel Revenue Strategy Through AI and Causal ML

Should revenue managers interact heavily with an AI RMS or trust automation? What is the impact of overrides on revenue?

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How New Californian Legislation Will Impact Hotels

Complying with this legislation is crucial for hotels to avoid penalties and maintain a competitive edge. To make it easy, here’s a comprehensive overview

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How to Set Seasonal Pricing to Maximize Hotel Revenue

It’s about familiarity with occupancy and its relationship with revenue. If you find that sweet spot, you can maximize revenue and stay profitable

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man standing in front of calculations and algorithms reflecting the need to unlock efficiency and revenue utilising deep q learning with batch constraints

Unlocking Efficiency and Revenue: Deep Q-Learning

In revenue management, the search for optimal pricing strategies is perpetual. Traditional supervised learning models have limitations, especially when historical data is sparse

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city skyline with offices and multiple hotels reflecting the need for hotel owner operators to get to grips with revenue management

Revenue Management From The Hotel Owner/Operator Perspective

There are many benefits of implementing a data-based revenue management practice at a property, especially for the owners/operators

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one girl whispering to another girl illustrating the impact for a hotel of reputation pricing

Reputation Pricing: How to Use Your Reputation to Increase Rates

The goal of reputation pricing is to understand perceived value and increase it over time. This process involves revenue managers, marketing and operations

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