lego character in the shape of a rocket reflecting need for hotels to boost direct bookings

Want to Skyrocket Weekday Hotel Bookings?

With a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of savvy strategy, hotels can turn the tide and transform weekdays into a vibrant canvas of bustling bookings

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel revenue management has evolved and needs the rms to evolve too

The Legacy RMS Needs to Evolve. Here’s What it Should Look Like

Your legacy RMS may have served you well in the past, but the old systems aren’t sophisticated enough to keep your hotel competitive

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No One Has the Right Incentive to Drive Direct Bookings

Incentive structures prioritize short-term financial metrics like RevPAR and RGI, which leads to the neglect of the long-term benefits of direct bookings

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Maximizing Hotel Revenue: How Software Solutions Drive RevPAR

To enhance monthly RevPAR, hoteliers must adopt strategic approaches that leverage market insights, guest preferences, and current trends

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a reception sign often found at small independent hotels where revenue optimisation is a really key strategy

Hotel Revenue Optimisation Strategies for Small Hotels

Execute hotel revenue optimisation strategies and you’ll optimise your revenue by making as much money as possible from a limited resource: your rooms

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tightrope walker reflecting challenge for hotels of balancing whether to sell out or maximize revenue

Selling Out vs. Maximizing Revenue: The Delicate Balance

You’re not looking to eliminate risk entirely. Instead, the aim is to manage it where you’re optimizing for revenue without stretching your resources thin

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German Hotel Revenue Managers Look to Cash in on Euro 2024

Across 10 host cities, basic mean average for hotels standard room over next 6 months shows rates have increased from €147 outside the tournament to €231

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Debunking Hotel Pricing Myths: A Shift in Perspective

Understanding this multifaceted process is key to align offerings with target guests, moving beyond pricing competition to deliver value that resonates

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Spotlight Shines Brighter on Algorithmic Hotel Price Fixing

FTC and DOJ makes clear that the government’s position is that hotels using algorithms to set room price are violating antitrust laws

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Attraction Strategy: Maximizing Revenue per Guest

With an effective attraction strategy in place, the focus shifts to maximizing the value of each guest interaction

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