Modern Revenue Management: Are We Truly Innovating?

We explore the fundamental differences between traditional and modern revenue management and proposing a vision for the future of the field

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Hilton, Hyatt Among Hotel Chains Hit With Room Price-Fixing Suit

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. and Hyatt Hotels Corp. are among a group of hotel operators accused of inflating cost of rooms with help of a price-setting database

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Top Revenue Management Trends to Help UK Hotels

We explore the top trends in hotel revenue management and yield management in the UK, offering insights and strategies for hotel professionals

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coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting the need for hotels to grow profit with these winning revenue management strategies

Grow Hotel Profits with These Winning Revenue Management Practices

Revenue management is a complex discipline. When practiced fully, it reduces bottom-line drainers such as spillage, spoilage, or overbooking

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9 Pricing Strategies to Drive Revenue for Independent Hotels

Your hotel should have a tailored pricing strategy that fits its unique needs, but there are common practices that can be honed to improve performance

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2024 Total Solar Eclipse: How Will Hotel Performance Compare to 2017?

In early-April 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse will once again pass over cities across North America and drive an influx of spectators in need of overnight accommodations. That means a […]

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stack of coins and arrows pointing up reflecting higher adr and why hotels should not be afraid to price their rooms high

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Price Your Rooms High

Shedding the fear of high ADR requires a mindset shift. Instead of worrying about driving guests away, focus on the tangible benefits of higher room price

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Avoid Empty Rooms: How to Attract and Manage Last Minute Bookings

Last minute bookings enable you to fill rooms that otherwise go unsold, so it’s worthwhile to create a strategy for them. Use these tips to get started!

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The Olympics Effect: Insights on Paris Hotel Impact

Pricing data suggests that the business influx from the 2024 Olympics will extend beyond Paris to other French cities

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youtube thumbnail image for discussion with aggregate intelligence atomize and lybra about the value of automated pricing for independent hotels

The Value of Automated Pricing for Independent Hotels

This discussion recognises the challenges faced by independent properties in managing pricing strategies manually and how automated pricing systems can help

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