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Boost Tour Operator Business With Effective Revenue Management

Today we look at how hotels revenue manage tour operator business, or, more accurately, how they don’t revenue manage this business segment

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Power of Combining Dynamic Pricing and OTA Ranking Optimization

Adopting dynamic pricing in your hotel, involves a strategic approach to price setting, inventory management, and online visibility on OTAs

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Beyond Room Rates: A New Era with Attribute Based Selling

Here is a look at Attribute Based Selling from both the guest and hotelier point of view, as well as challenges and benefits of implementing such a strategy

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Proven Tips to Increase Restaurant Revenue and Profitability

Many industry sources share that an average restaurant has a profit margin of about 7% but recognize yours can fall anywhere between 0-12%

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Endless Choices for Guests to Find the Perfect Hotel Stay

Switching from old methods to focusing on guests means tailoring what you offer to their likes and what they’ve done before

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How to Build a Subscription Model for Hotel Stays

In the context of the hospitality industry, a subscription model means offering guests a package where they pay a fixed amount to enjoy a set number of stays or services […]

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Luxury Hotel Marketing: 5 Key Strategies to Succeed

The first thing many people think about luxury hotels is price, but the art of content marketing is to shift focus away from cost and onto the experience

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magnifying glass over an algorithm reflecting the problem with perfection and how over optimization can harm your revenue strategy

How Over-Optimization Can Harm Your Revenue Strategy

In hotel management, over-optimization is like obsessing over polishing the silverware – it’s exhausting, tedious and often, the extra shine goes unnoticed.

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Maximising Revenue Won’t Come From Technology Alone

Independent operators should maximise revenue across all touchpoints through a hands-on tailored strategic approach which avoids loss of business

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Little & Often. The Winning Strategy for Hotel Pricing

Effective use of local competitor pricing data is crucial for maximizing hotel’s revenue potential – key lies in strategic application of pricing insights

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