How to Boost Hotel Bookings With Your Booking Engine Data

It’s important to remember what a huge part your booking engine plays in your overall direct booking success – especially when OTAs are competing ruthlessly

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Price Optimisation: The What, The Why and The How

We explore factors influencing price optimisation, number of calculations involved, why you can’t optimize without some technology and resistance to engage

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Market Segmentation and How to Price Rooms Correctly

Market segmentation is not a fixed activity. It is important to use accurate guest data to regularly update your segmentation strategy

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Hotel Room Service Revenue and How to Increase It

Room service at your hotel can be one of the trickiest parts of the business to get right and not always easy to convert into a profitable exercise

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Are We Heading For An RM-Ageddon?

Revenue Management needs to evolve, the focus should be on most recent data of traveller behaviour to recalibrate the expected booking curve

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Clear Guest Behaviour Trends are Emerging for Summer 2022

Guests crave enriching travel experiences and are willing to reach deep into their pockets to ensure they get them. But they will also be more discerning

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Maximize Revenue Opportunities Through Services and Amenities

Resort managers have seen they can use revenue management principles and techniques to get the most profits from food and beverage, spas, pool and golf

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Atomize Announce a Data Partnership with Trivago

Search data from trivago will enhance Atomize’s demand modeling and generate more revenue by optimizing rates in response to real-time market demand

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Little and Often: The Winning Hotel Revenue Strategy?

Rather than just seeing lines on a graph, it is important for hotel owners, managers, and revenue managers to interpret the opportunities that it can yield

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Bad Actor OTAs: How Hotels Can Protect Themselves

It can be a challenge, but by embracing rate parity monitoring tools hotels can maximize success while addressing the problems created by bad actor OTAs

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