Are You Fenced In? What You Need Is A Corporate Rate Shopper! YouTube thumbnail image from conversation with Connor Vanderholm of Topline Revenue

Are You Fenced In? What You Need Is A Corporate Rate Shopper!

Okay, so we’ve all heard of Rate Shoppers, but have you heard of a Rate Shopper for corporate rates? Keep listening to this discussion to hear more.

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automated pricing for live events atomize article image

Automated Pricing for Live Events

They had previously used a tiered pricing model so they would only modify ticket prices to predefined price points based on the number of tickets sold

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clear lightbulb reflecting increase in hotel energy costs and whether hotels should consider charging an additional energy flat rate

Should Hotels Consider Charging an Energy Flat Rate Surcharge

What are the advantages of hotels levying an energy flat rate surcharge and what are the dangers that should be considered?

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Find The Most Profitable Segment

Which segment should your hotel go after and in which order should you sell to manage your inventory correctly and maximize total profit?

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Pricing Strategies You Need to Know: Secrets to Boost Hotel Revenue

Setting prices on your rooms and services doesn’t count as a pricing strategy. It is how you mould your prices according to market scenarios and guests

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3 Ways to Rethink Your Hotel Comp Set and Discover New Business

You may need a different comp set for different market segments and specific need periods as markets continue to grow and change

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broken piggy bank reflecting how much revenue hotels could be losing if the are not controlling their prices and letting other channels sell cheaper

How Much Are You Losing By Not Controlling Your Hotel Price

How much are you losing by not controlling your prices and allowing other channels to sell cheaper than you do on your own website?

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dots reflecting data surrounding a human head illustrating how hotel intelligent price automation is achievable by leveraging ai with a human touch

Intelligent Hotel Price Automation: Leveraging AI with a Human Touch

Within the field of revenue management new AI-based solutions can provide live market intelligence, help hoteliers optimize and even price automation

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How to Avoid OTA Panic and Rate Parity Games

Your revenue strategy cannot be focused on proving that the OTAs are an evil empire, and that only your rate parity games will topple them

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Can Hotel Benchmarking Help Losers Take Action and Create a Plan

Can benchmarking help losers take action and create a plan to beat the competition, or distract the team from creating a strategy that could be a winner?

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