Improve 7 Bad Habits to Become a Successful Hotel Revenue Manager

a Revenue manager should not only prepare accurately the strategy, but also be open and flexible, constantly measure the results, and work with technology

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Metasearch: The Rate Parity Battleground for 2021

Ask a revenue manager why they lose sleep at night, and you might hear a few mentions of uncontracted OTAs and booking sites that pop up in metasearch

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Will Hotels Keep Their Head in the Sand Post Covid

The Cost of Inaction – Will Hotels Revert to Type?

Vaccination campaigns are fired up and countries are reopening. It’s time to look at a future where hotels will be able to operate in high demand again

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9 New Hotel Rate Types For The Post-Covid Traveller

The pandemic has demanded that industry be creative with its rate offerings, promoting flexibility with direct bookings and a push towards personalization

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U.S. Hotel Recovery Will Continue But Don’t Expect Dramatic Gains Yet

For a third week, U.S. hotel occupancy remained just above 57% and 54% on a total-room-inventory basis (TRI), which accounts for temporarily closed hotels

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women runner looking forward and preparing in much the same way a hotel must look to future data to help set their revenue management strategy

Revenue Management: Look Ahead to Avoid Being Left Behind

There is no dichotomy between PMS data and demand data because, the two combined provide the picture to develop data-based revenue management strategies

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stacks of coins reflecting the impact of the wrong hotel room price strategy

How Much Does a Wrong Pricing Strategy Cost?

We can sell the same service, for the same day, with the same channel but at different times and therefore, potentially, also at a different price

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U.K. occupancy – ADR correlation

If the roadmap goes as projected, we could see occupancy return occasionally to levels that in the past would have yielded higher ADR premiums

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Positive Signs for a Good Summer Across the Americas and in Europe

Iberia and the rest of Southern Europe are faring particularly well in terms of net new bookings as summer approaches and the appetite for travel rises

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Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Hotel For Reopening

As you plan for reopening, you want the entire booking process to run smoothly for your guests as they embark on their next getaway bookings

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