word strategy writing on paper illustrating the need for hotels to create their hotel digital marketing strategy before jumping into tactics

Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy Before Jumping Into Tactics

As a leadership team, you should go through a 30-point checklist audit to try to find your gaps to help lead your hotel’s digital marketing strategy

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3 people looking at a laptop reflecting the importance for hotels to setup their online presence for maximum exposure

25 Ways to Setup Your Hotel Online Presence for Greater Exposure

Once you identify where your needs are, you can begin planning a tactical strategy and implementation to increase your hotel’s total online presence

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video thumbnail image of a discussion with cogwheel marketing about the need for hotel sales to think more like marketing if they are to drive topline revenue

To Drive Top Line Revenue, Hotel Sales Must Think Like Marketing

With continual change In traveller behaviour, it is more imperative than ever that hotel sales and marketing are aligned around transient and group business

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man holding his head in his hands possibly reflecting a failure in hotel digital marketing strategy to drive hotel bookings

Hotel Bookings: Transform Digital Marketing Failure Into Success

By addressing initial challenges, analyzing data, and implementing repetitious improvements, they achieved remarkable success in driving bookings

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data sets and charts reflecting importance of a data driven hotel action plans for hotel digital marketing

How Hotels Can Use Big Data for Better Digital Marketing Action Plans

Many hotel companies spend far too much time aggregating data and not enough time creating digital marketing action plans from the analysis

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google analytics on a laptop used by proactive digital marketeers to identify ways to use google ads and drive hotel booking game

How we Transformed a Hotel’s Booking Game with Google Ads

Efforts have proven effective in enhancing campaign performance, demonstrating positive outcomes for the Hotel company’s booking goals

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words digital marketing and phrases related to this topic including seo and ppc

Hotel Marketing KPIs Must Change to Drive Commercial Strategy

You can run a marketing campaign with stellar awareness, traffic or return, but the hotel as a whole could still be underperforming

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two people capturing a balloon festival reflecting different ways influencers can add value to a successful hotel collaboration

The Power of Influencers and How To Successfully Collaborate

For hotels, partnering with influencers can be an effective strategy to enhance brand exposure, engage potential customers and create compelling content

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YouTube video thumbnail for discussion with Stephanie Smith of Cogwheel Marketing about Hotel Digital Marketing and asking is your hotel data helping you ask the right questions

Hotel Digital Marketing: Is Data Helping You Ask the Right Questions?

We look at the challenges faced trying to pull different information from multiple sources and the value of aggregating digital marketing data

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image showing universal analytics and google analytics 4 as part of a cogwheel marketing article comparing the two

10 Differences Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

Following is a high-level list of the many differences you can expect when your Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 migration is complete

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