marketing dual branded hotel cogwheel article image

Marketing a Dual Branded Hotel

First things first, create TWO marketing plans and TWO budgets. Before you begin your marketing plans, clearly define target markets for each of the hotels

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hand on computer mouse overlayed with a dollar image reflecting hotel digital paid media planning

Hotel Digital Paid Media Planning

There is no magic bullet that will bring your perfect guest at perfect time at perfect rate but there are different strategies and budgets for paid media

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general manager hotel marketing wishlist based on trends for 2023

25 Point Checklist to Audit Your Hotel’s Total Online Presence

This 25-point checklist will help your branded hotel identify gaps in your total online digital strategy. You can then begin to work out a strategy

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person looking at google map for travel directions which could provide an advertising route for a hotel

Map Advertisements: Should Hotels be Using Them?

The exciting thing about both and Waze map Ads is you can choose your budget. If you want more impressions and clicks, raise your budget based on results

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mobile phone icons of digital social media platforms

Developing a Social Media Plan for Your Hotel

Whether you are tasking your in-house team or outsourcing to an agency, resources, both time and money, must be determined to dedicate to social media

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Who Should be Responsible for Your Hotel Social Media

Hoteliers are short staffed and often social media is a last priority. If we have learned anything these 2 years, it is not to forget our transient guests

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youtube thumbnail for a video discussion about marriage of revenue and marketing with stephanie at cogwheel marketing and connor at topline revenue

The Marriage of Revenue Management and Marketing

Stephanie and Connor look at areas where revenue management and marketing can work together in a blissfully happy marriage of knowledge and expertise

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lady about to run as the sun rises reflecting the need for hotels to kick start their social media campaigns as we start to move out post pandemic

Kick Start Social Media for Your Hotel in 2022

Hoteliers are short staffed and sometimes social media is last priority. What we have learnt these last 2 years is not to forget our transient guests

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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Determining Your Hotel’s Channel Strategy Within Koddi

Each brand has different channels and opportunities within Koddi, but most are similar. But, you need to understand WHEN and HOW to use each channel

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thumbnail image for video discussion about marriott hotel system and reports to improve commercial impact

Marriott Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Commercial Impact

We talk about a number of the Marriott systems and reports, exploring how hoteliers can utilise them to have the best commercial impact.

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