Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion, today we are joined by:

🔹 Pau Siquier from mirai, one of our Expert Partners

This is the 1st video in a short series we are recording with mirai, looking at Digital Marketing.

You have a hotel, you have a website but does anyone know about it beyond your listing on OTAs, this is where Digital Marketing comes in.

There are various different aspects to Digital Marketing and it can seem a bit confusing, even daunting.

Over the series of videos we will try to explain what Digital Marketing is, it’s value to hotels, the marketing funnel and finish with some tips and advice to help you be more effective.

In this first video we set the scene and ask what is it, how does it work and how does it benefit hotels

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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🎥 We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline:

00:00 Video start and topic intro
00:54 Guest welcome and introduction
03:05 What is Digital Marketing
06:11 Importance of understanding your hotel segmentation
08:25 It’s about shifting the demand not creating the demand
11:54 Breaking down the digital marketing elements
14:24 The Funnel, AIDA, Google micro moments and messy middle
19:03 What is the main purpose of having a hotel website
23:55 Why should hotels invest in digital marketing
26:10 Wrapping up
31:11 Subscribe and more videos

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