In this video we are talking with Stephanie Smith of Cogwheel Marketing as she takes us through her 8 point digital checklist for Hotels where they need to temporarily close or suspend operations at the hotel, that lists the sites you can/should update with proper messaging.


Use proper verbiage, ie “temporarily suspending operations”

  • If independent, add a pop up and update FAQs
  • If Marriott, add Hotel Alert in Efast > HWS Forms Submission Tool > HWS Renovation & Hotel Alert Work Request
  • If Hilton. Submit a ticket to or visit their Coronavirus FAQs
  • If IHG, add Announcement in Concerto

Inventory Systems:

  • PMS: Update inventory levels
    • Shop multiple sites to ensure inventory is closed out
  • CRS: Update inventory levels, especially if no 2-way connectivity with the PMS
  • Channel Manager: Update inventory levels

Central Reservations:

  • If independent, not likely applicable
  • For Hilton, and you are using ResMax and have already updated PIM: ResSMART Guide is HERE or log into the Lobby > My Applications > ResMax Reports> My ResSmart Data
  • For Marriott, email
  • For IHG, in Concerto > Hotel Content > Content Explorer > Marketing Text > Sales Help Description for CRO
    • Also, Add a CRO Alert Description with Dates in Concerto by search for CRO Alert

Local Listings:

  • Google My Business – Log into then go to the Info Tab on the left hand side. Select “Temporarily Closed” and enter dates
    • Note, you cannot receive new reviews during this time
  • Bing Places – Mark as temporarily close AND add an announcement
  • Yelp (
    • Must have an end date for when it’s temporarily closed until
    • Add information to the “From the Business” information section
  • TripAdvisor
    • Sign into your Management Center.
    • From the top bar select “Manage listing” then click on “Name & description”.
    • The “General details” page will open.
    • Toggle the selector to “on” in the corner of the right side of the “Mark your property as temporarily closed” box.
    • Select the date range for the temporary closure message to appear on your listing.
  • Yext (
    • If you have access, update Holiday Hours to reflect these changes
    • Leave Regular Hours as they are, otherwise it may indicate to certain publishers that you are permanently closed
    • Update the Business Description to add COVID-19 messaging as it pertains to your business: “Please note this location is closed through [DATE]”
    • For IHG, email to update
    • For Hilton, submit ticket to ECG
    • For Marriott, put in an eFast ticket > HWS Forms Submission Tool > Local Search Engine/Map Request Form

  • If only closing the Pool and/or Fitness Center: In the admin panel, under Property > Facilities & Services then scroll to the bottom where it says Temporary Closure of Facilities.
  • To load a message on the website, log into and under the Property tab > Your Profile > About Your Property
  • Also, choose from a list of options in Extranet from Property > View your descriptions > The Fine Print > “Coronavirus precautionary measures”
  • To send a message to reservations currently on the books, either do a PMS export and email guests using the email address created by Or, contact your Market Manager. There is a scheduling template option under Property > Messaging Preferences, where you can message people X amount of days prior to check in, as a back up.


  • In Expedia Partner Central, under Property Details > Renovations and Closures, fill out the “Temporary closure under way/upcoming” section
  • To send a message to reservations currently on the books, XXX. You can also message each guest individually if there are only a handful. You can also set up a schedule template for X amount of days prior to check in, as a back up, under Guest Relations > Messaging.

Paid Media:

  • Metasearch (Koddi) – Pause all spending
  • Expedia Travel Ads – Pause all spending
  • TravelClick GDS – Notify account manager
    • Campaigns can be paused for 30 days
  • Sabre Spotlight – Notify account manager

Social Media:

    • Facebook – Taking the verbiage from your website, do a post with closure details. After the post is live, click the 3 dots to the right of the post, then click “Pin to Top of Page” to ensure it is front and center to anyone that visits the page.
    • Consider a new cover photo with an update

Here is the link where you can: Download a Printable Checklist

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