Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion, where we pose the question: Is the Hotel Mindset More Like Nokia than Apple?

Have hotels used the pandemic period to start developing a more customer centric approach to their product, pricing and promotion or will they just revert back to type.

Whilst Nokia built a solid and reliable product, it was Apple’s emergence, and their strategy, which proved the game changer. Their desire to understand how people use their phones but, more importantly, looking at how the world was changing and reaching out to understand the way consumers might use their phones in the future, was the mindset shift that led to the smartphones we see today – allowing users to engage with them as they want to.

How could this apply to the hotel sector, should hotels better understand what their guests and target markets want, as we start to re-open, and then develop an offering which reflects those desires or just continue to sell their ‘standard’, ‘deluxe’ and ‘luxury’ rooms or their ‘banquet’ package for meetings and events?

These are some of the topics we explore with our 2 guests, Niki Van den Broeck, Head of Business Development at Get Into MoRe and Vassilis Syropoulos, Founder and CEO at Juyo Analytics.

Both Get Into MoRe and Juyo Analytics are Revenue Hub Expert Partners

Hope you enjoy the discussion 🤞👍

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  • Guest Introductions (3:10)
  • Customer Centricity (4:00)
    • Should we move to a Customer Centric Commercial Strategy
  • Customer Centric Meetings & Events Offering (7:43)
    • Bespoke pricing
    • SaaS – Space as a Service
    • Cost of Inaction
  • Customer Centric Room Offering (20:32)
    • Hybrid Offering
    • Storytelling
    • Local community engagement
    • Guest engagement – not assuming
  • Who are our competition (31:16)
  • Is segmentation too broad and outdated as a term (40:25)
  • Video End Message and Links (52:18)

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