What Will Meetings and Events Look Like as We Recover?

Given the transformed landscape of in-person meetings, sales teams will need to be detailed and responsive to planning, to ensure clients have confidence

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The Hotel Recovery Can Only Go So Far Without Group Bookings

Group business and convention travel do more than contribute to hotel occupancy and revenue per room, these types of bookings also fuel profitability

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Meetings & Events Survival Strategies & Comeback Considerations

No facet of the hospitality and travel industry has been hit harder than the meetings and events (M&E) sector by COVID-19 restrictions and safeguards

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hotel meeting and event venue

Take a Positive Outlook for Your Meeting and Events Business

Why not offer small meeting rooms to individuals needing office space or consider renting bedrooms to a company that previously had communal working spaces

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7 Hotel Revenue Management Tips and Strategies to Boost Incremental Revenue

Hoteliers are always looking for ways to improve their revenue management. Use these strategies to increase your RevPAR and boost incremental revenue

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Hotels Might Not Like Where Corporate Rate Discussions Are Heading

One company procurement director told us they are now looking at “dual rate loading” for 2021, with fixed and dynamic pricing in place for each property

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5 Expert Partner Initiatives to Support Hotel Sector

We wanted to use this article to highlight current intiatives from 5 of our Expert Partners. These are offers they are providing to help support the Hotel sector during this crisis

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Terrible Times for Hotels What Might our New Normal Look Like

Terrible Times for Hotels – What Might our ‘New Normal’ Look Like?

If this crisis has taught us in hotels anything, it is to think the unthinkable. Only a few short weeks a drop in RevPar might have been our biggest concern

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3 Keys to Keep Group and Event Business Moving

COVID-19 has devastated the hotel group and event business. However, we feel now is the time to rise above the gloom and focus on what we can do to help hotels survive and prosper as we rebound

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COVID-19: Impact on Hotel Groups Business Update

Hotel Sales teams should still be selling, developing relationships, and prospecting. The only thing to consider is where you focus. Localization in your sales processes is the key to minimizing impact.

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