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Hotel Competitive Set Reassessment for a Stronger Recovery

In order to define, or even redefine, your hotel’s competitive set, here are some do’s and don’ts to help ensure a strong, competitive recovery ahead

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Comp Set Guide: Understanding Your Hotel’s Competitive Set

Successful sales strategies are centered on an accurate comp set breakdown. Take time and do your research. You can even enlist your employees to assist

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thumbnail of video interview about hotel mindset is it more nokia or apple

The Hotel Mindset: Is It More Like Nokia or Apple?

Has the hotel sector used the pandemic to develop a more customer centric approach to it’s product, pricing and promotions or will it revert back to type

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Building a Comp Set – Best Practices

Without a comp set, and the marketplace intel that comes along with it, you’re left guessing as to where you can improve the performance of your property

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