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3 Ways to Rethink Your Hotel Comp Set and Discover New Business

You may need a different comp set for different market segments and specific need periods as markets continue to grow and change

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Can Hotel Benchmarking Help Losers Take Action and Create a Plan

Can benchmarking help losers take action and create a plan to beat the competition, or distract the team from creating a strategy that could be a winner?

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graphs which could reflect different pricing amongst competitor hotels rate

Are You Pricing Based On Your Competitor’s Actual Rates?

To effectively shape your pricing strategy and make informed rate decisions, you need to ensure you compare the true amount a customer will be paying

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person looking at a hotel neighbour reflecting the fact hoteliers should not overlook brand image when constructing guest experience and messaging

Don’t Overlook Competitor Data in Your Pricing Strategy

Some may argue that competitor data shouldn’t impact your pricing strategy, we believe the pandemic has reinforced it can and should be an indicator

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How Revenue Leaders Plan To Capitalize On The Return Of Travel

Our guests’ motivations and needs have changed substantially over the last two years, and so must our revenue strategies and focus

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one hot air balloon rising above 4 others reflecting importance for hotels to adjust their booking behaviour before competition do

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis For Your Hotel

In the hotel industry, and other industries, we can use competitive analysis to gauge the market. But what is it, why should we do it and how to we do it

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sheep following each other like hotels follow competitor pricing

Don’t Be a Sheep: 5 Reasons Not to Follow Hotel Competitor Pricing

I have heard so many iterations of hotels justifying why they follow competitors pricing strategies. I have never fully understood or agreed with them

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In a Disrupted Market Even Your Own Hotel is Competition

Identifying who your guests are, who the competition is and how your hotel is performing relative to other hotels in the market is a real challenge today

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Sizing Up Your Hotel’s 2022 Comp Set

While determining the right comp set has always been crucial, it is vital to remain competitive now given our current uncertain market conditions. NB: This is an article from IDeaS […]

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Factors To Keep In Mind While Creating Hotel Packages

Creating hotel packages is no rocket science, but must be strategic. You should consider certain factors while crafting offers that don’t jeopardise revenue

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