Market Segmentation: Back To Basics As We Recover berner+becker youtube thumbnail

Market Segmentation: Back To Basics As We Recover

Continuing our theme of back to basics, we follow up our last discussion around forecasting, this time we focus on segmentation

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Reaching the Right Travelers Starts With the Right Audiences

Getting in front of the right audiences for your destination is key, so we’ve crafted audience and targeting strategies to help you reach them online

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How To Run A Successful Revenue Management Meeting

If you follow the steps highlighted, you should be able to organize a successful revenue management meeting that will help increase sales for your hotel

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How To Set Up Effective Hotel Segmentation In 7 Steps

Hotel segmentation may seem like a lot to process, but it is not something that you have to get right on the very first try

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Break Down Your Guest Segmentation Like A Pro.

One of the greatest challenges in modern hotel revenue management is breaking down data silos so you can access clean and accurate data for segmentation

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Solo Travelers: Why They Should Be Your Hotel’s New Target

Attracting a new market doesn’t have to mean changing your hotel’s identity. These few ideas will help reach those solo travelers and increase your revenue

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Market Segmentation and How to Price Rooms Correctly

Market segmentation is not a fixed activity. It is important to use accurate guest data to regularly update your segmentation strategy

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man being attracted by a carrot in much the same way hotels are attracted by BOB - business on the books

3 Tips For Attracting Maximum Market Demand

The hotel industry has undergone drastic changes in last two years, we have seen a change in demand trends that require us to review our strategies

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youtube thumbnail for a video discussion about marriage of revenue and marketing with stephanie at cogwheel marketing and connor at topline revenue

The Marriage of Revenue Management and Marketing

Stephanie and Connor look at areas where revenue management and marketing can work together in a blissfully happy marriage of knowledge and expertise

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Understanding Importance of Hotel Email Marketing Segmentation

Segmenting your hotel email marketing campaigns based on precise, hotel-specific parameters is the difference between success and failure

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