Find The Most Profitable Segment

Which segment should your hotel go after and in which order should you sell to manage your inventory correctly and maximize total profit?

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What is Price Segmentation

By implanting a successful price segmentation strategy, you can extract a greater portion of the consumer surplus in the form of untapped revenue and profits

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

6 Forecasting Tips to Handle Uncertainty in the Hotel Industry

Forecasting has always been valuable for revenue managers. Given current uncertainty, it is so important to be able to predict and adapt to demand

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Hotel Market Segmentation: Find and Drive More Business

Through market segmentation, hoteliers can group travelers based on their reason for travel and hotel preferences, as well as when and where guests book

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building blocks reflecting revenue management strategies to boost hotel revenue

Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies to Boost Revenue

We discuss three important strategies revenue managers can use to boost revenue and how an RMS can help forecast demand and perform dynamic pricing

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Why Is Market Segmentation Important For Your Hotel?

Not all information is consistent across all channels, making sense of consistent data components is needed to understand your hotel’s market segmentation

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Market Segmentation: Back To Basics As We Recover berner+becker youtube thumbnail

Market Segmentation: Back To Basics As We Recover

Continuing our theme of back to basics, we follow up our last discussion around forecasting, this time we focus on segmentation

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Reaching the Right Travelers Starts With the Right Audiences

Getting in front of the right audiences for your destination is key, so we’ve crafted audience and targeting strategies to help you reach them online

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How To Run A Successful Revenue Management Meeting

If you follow the steps highlighted, you should be able to organize a successful revenue management meeting that will help increase sales for your hotel

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How To Set Up Effective Hotel Segmentation In 7 Steps

Hotel segmentation may seem like a lot to process, but it is not something that you have to get right on the very first try

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