The Impact of Transient Travellers on Hotel Revenue

We will explore the effect of transient travelers on hotel revenue and strategies for capitalizing on this dynamic market segment

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different coloured jelly sweets reflecting the importance to a hotel of segmentation within their revenue management strategy

The Role of Customer Segmentation in Revenue Management

To stay competitive in the ever-evolving hotel industry, implementing effective customer segmentation strategies is not just an option, it’s a necessity

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5 people holding question marks reflecting the importance for hotels to identify the different review channels to prioritise

Insight Into the Different Types of Hotel Guests

Catering to the needs of different types of hotel guests is crucial for enhancing the guest experience and driving growth in your hotel business

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How Hotel Market Segmentation Enhances Business Success

We look at hotel market segmentation – its benefits, common segments and steps to implement guest segmentation to better define effective pricing strategies

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Micro-Market Segmentation in Hotels: A Key to Personalization

Broad segmentation often falls short in today’s competitive landscape. To cater to guest needs, we need to delve into the realm of micro-market segmentation

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Maximizing Hotel Profitability: Discovering Your Most Valuable Guests

It’s not always about filling every room every night; it’s about attracting and retaining guests who bring the most value to your hotel

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Demographics Alone Won’t Help Deliver an Ideal Guest Experience

Relying on demographic data to identify similarities within cohorts is less accurate than you likely expect. Engagement rates tend to be even worse

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different coloured pawn pieces reflect importance to hotels of guest segmentation to improve offers, revenue and satisfaction

Offer Segmentation: How to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Offer segmentation is a critical strategy for hotels looking to increase revenue, improve guest satisfaction, and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace

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icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer experience and the role of hyper personalisation

Hyper Personalisation: The Future of the Customer Experience

Hyper-personalisation goes beyond standard strategies for customising each touchpoint in the customer journey; it’s a whole new style of segmentation

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Find The Most Profitable Segment

Which segment should your hotel go after and in which order should you sell to manage your inventory correctly and maximize total profit?

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