Finding New Revenue Streams for a Big Box Hotel (Case Study)

Whether a hotel’s revenue stagnation is caused by the pandemic, new competition, or something else, take a fresh look at business segments and channels

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Guest Segmentation: How to Reach Your Most Profitable Guests?

Remember also that guest behaviour keeps changing. Segmentation is not a “do it once and forget” exercise – keep digging into your data

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

Key Factors to Calculate Demand Forecasting

When projecting a point in time in the future and trying to anticipate demand, it can seem like making decisions based simply on experience or intuition

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How to Find The Luxury Guests With Hotel Target Market

The growing popularity of luxury hotels globally is being driven by factors such as increasing consumer awareness, affluence, and changing lifestyles

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Automating Personalisation to Improve Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

Automating your guest personalisation does not mean bombarding them with loads of irrelevant deals or adding countless options to your booking engine

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thumbnail of video interview about hotel mindset is it more nokia or apple

The Hotel Mindset: Is It More Like Nokia or Apple?

Has the hotel sector used the pandemic to develop a more customer centric approach to it’s product, pricing and promotions or will it revert back to type

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dice representing the need to rejuvenate revenue strategy

Rejuvenate Your Revenue Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

As you tailor your marketing based on segment, demand forecasts, and behavior, you’ll gain momentum that drives your revenue management strategy forward

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Who is Your Hotel Guest? How to Identify and Attract Customer Segments

Every piece of information beyond a guest name that you can collect will help inform your knowledge of their motivations, preferences, and purpose

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7 Solid Benefits That Prove Hotel Guest Segmentation is a Gem

Simply put, boosting revenue is about better aligning your offerings to specific customer pain point. And that’s exactly what guest segmentation helps with

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crm audiences insight score priorityq podcast discussion thumbnail with robert schimmel

The Value of CRM Audiences and Insights to Drive Additional Revenue

Now truly independent within your CRM, Audiences allows for the most detailed segmentation and personalization across all communications

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