meeting and event space in a hotel reflecting the transformative power of mastering group bookings to drive profitability

Mastering Group Bookings: 4 Steps to Profitability

Group bookings offer a unique opportunity to boost revenue, and with the right strategies, you can make the most of it. Gear up and embrace these steps

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Revenue Management: It’s Not Just for Revenue Managers Anymore

Revenue management is not just Excel spreadsheets and data analysis. Nor is it a magic discipline that only special people should have access to

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RFP Responses (Pt 2): How Turning Down an RFP Can Still Drive Sales

Coming in a close second among planner frustrations was the lack of information in the rfp responses they did receive

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RFP Responses (Pt 1): Why Hotels Should Reply to Every RFP

Every RFP is an opportunity to build relationships and generate revenue. This is an essential mindset executives need to instill in their sales teams

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7 Essential Ingredients to Dominate the Hotel Groups Market

The return of groups business is not without challenges, including staffing shortages, inexperienced staff and planners, cost increases and short lead times

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6 Must Know RFP Response Tips

We prepared a list of RFP response tips to help hotel sales managers capitalise on the demand increase, submit better proposals, and win more MICE business

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How Hotels Can Use Data to Boost Venue Revenue

To boost your hotel’s venue space revenue, you need to be considering the basic elements of time, profits, and the overall customer experience

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Win More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue with Less Time and Staff YouTube Thumbnail Get Into MoRe discussion

Win More Hotel Meetings And Group Revenue With Less (Time and Staff)

We explore how staffing crisis is impacting meeting sales and how technology can support hotel’s efforts to handle enquiries and optimise revenue

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Overcoming Hurdles to More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue YouTube Thumbnail Get Into MoRe discussion

Overcoming Hurdles to More Hotel Meetings and Group Revenue

Why hotels might not focus on meetings revenue as much as they should do and what are some barriers when trying to embrace meetings revenue management

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blocks being stacked in the same way independent hotels should focus more on increasing ancillary revenue

Why Group Revenue Management is Key to Maximize Revenue and Profitability

Revenue managers must fully examine current and future group demand, transient displacement, available guestroom and meeting space, and non-room revenue

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