Welcome to another of our Coffee Time chats. In this discussion we are joined by:

🔹 Neville Isaac of Beonprice
🔹 Karin Van Rhee of Juyo Analytics

Please note, both Beonprice and Juyo Analytics are Expert Partners

In this conversation, we discuss with Neville and Karin whether revenue strategy is just a pipedream, for most hoteliers

We look at how old fashioned and outdated approaches to revenue management, or more accurately pricing, continually hold back the evolution to revenue strategy

We explore what is needed if we are to truly free the revenue manager to be strategic and ask what actually is revenue strategy?

Finally, we consider how tired old metrics ensure we repeat the same thing over and over and how we should be asking more enlightened questions around who is our most profitable guest and what % of bookings do they represent?

Without changing the focus, the questions asked, and metrics measured, surely revenue strategy just exists as another recurring seminar topic.

Hope you enjoy the discussion 🤞👍

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🎥 We discuss a number of areas so we have broken the video down into a timeline including:

  • Guest intro (03:04)
  • Outdated approach to revenue management (06:10)
  • How do we free up the revenue manager (15:44)
  • What does strategic revenue mean (18:44)
  • Do I know which guest are most profitable (28:00)
  • Time to look at different metrics (39:15)
  • Technology as an integrated total profit platform (45:18)
  • Wrapping up (48:45)
  • Subscribe and more videos (52:09)

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