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Atomize “Who are We?” – In conversation with Alexander Edström

In this discussion we talk about how a chance conversation between one of the founders and a hotelier led to the idea to build Atomize

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Lybra Announces Two-Way Integration with GP Dati Scrigno PMS

Lybra, developer of the Assistant, is proud to announce a two-way integration with GP Dati’s Scrigno PMS, a cloud suite of hotel management solutions

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6 Out-of-the-Box Ways Your RMS Can Support Your Hotel’s Financial Recovery

Your RMS can be used in many creative ways to help your hotel survive the ongoing pandemic, no matter how demand changes over the coming months

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4 Revenue Tactics Resort Teams Need For 2021

Hotel revenue teams are having to adapt constantly as the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change on almost a daily basis

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What to Ask From an RMS? The 4 Key Points to Consider

In the heat of increasing demand, many companies have emerged that offer RMS tools and some may find it difficult to differentiate between them

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13 Insanely Useful Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s OTA Bookings

Just like you should not depend on only a selected OTAs for bookings, you should not also depend only on OTAs to get your bookings

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adrienne hanna right revenue who are we

Right Revenue “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Adrienne Hanna

We are delighted to continue our Expert Partner relationship with Right Revenue In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Adrienne Hanna – Founder Adrienne talks about her […]

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How to Boost Guest Loyalty and Profitability Through Pricing?

Key is to build a strong loyal guest base, as this drives down customer acquisition costs significantly and increases customer lifetime value

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Why So Little Testing of Revenue Management Strategies in Hotels?

In today’s video we discuss with our 3 guests why there is so little testing of revenue management strategies in the hospitality industry

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expert partner who are we fulvio giannetti of lybra

Lybra “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Lybra as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Fulvio Giannetti – CEO Fulvio talks us […]

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