two apples of different types illustrating importance of validating when comparing one hotel rms to another

How to Fix the Validation Problem When Choosing an RMS

A hotelier may decide to choose a ‘cheaper’ RMS system because they think they are saving money but they are overlooking the fact performance is everything

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black and white picture of man sitting next to technology depcting how a hotel is slow to invest in revenue management technology

Is Automation in Revenue Management Really the Answer?

How revenue managers can leverage automation through sophisticated revenue management tools to boost business during the ramp-up

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5 hot air balloons with one rising higher than the other reflecting a hotel not relying on compsets for its pricing

Stop Using CompSets to Make Pricing Decisions

CompSets themselves are being driven by irrelevant factors like employee emotions and outdated RM systems that are not fit for purpose

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“Upselling” the Value of Investing in Revenue Management

Hotel owners whose priorities align with property-level management on value of investing in revenue management will thrive in boom years to come

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view out of car with satnav depicting how setting your room price automatically works better

Intelligent Price Automation: A Lesson From Satellite Navigation

Setting your price based on historical trends and knowledge of the market is like setting off on a journey using a map or old school GPS

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video thumbnail beonprice who are we interview with emilio galan

Beonprice “Who are We?” – In conversation with Emilio Galán

Emilio introduces us to Beonprice, it’s solutions, their core differentiators and how their aim is to empower Revenue Managers through their solution

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empty dilapidated hotel due to no guest demand

Getting Ready for Returning Demand with the Right Revenue Strategy

There’s no set timing for full, world-wide reopening, but we can be sure once governments give the green light, local and regional demand will come quickly

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lybra integration blog image

Lybra Announce Integration Between Lybra’s Assistant RMS & MasterYield’s PMS

Thourgh integration MasterYield’s PMS reservations data will populate Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to provide the most accurate real-time rates

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4 Issues That Can Lower Your Hotel Forecast Accuracy

Revenue Managers may achieve top line forecasted revenue within 1-2%. But achieving a consistent hotel forecast at the segmentation level is rarely possible

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algorithms and view through a key hole indicative of revenue managers needing to look forward

Simplify with Tech – Best Strategy for Revenue Managers 2021

Revenue Managers have the reputation for working with number focused, unwieldy reports. Those can be hard to follow for department heads less familiar

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