person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel revenue management has evolved and needs the rms to evolve too

The Legacy RMS Needs to Evolve. Here’s What it Should Look Like

Your legacy RMS may have served you well in the past, but the old systems aren’t sophisticated enough to keep your hotel competitive

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article image from flyr for hospitality about case study with tailormade hotels managing a complex revenue mix and revolutionizing pricing strategy

How to Handle an Eclectic Inventory and Complex Revenue Mix (Case Study)

With an eclectic inventory and a broad range of customer types, they needed revenue management technology that could handle a complex revenue mix

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youtube thumbnail of video interview with rhiannon back of atmoize lookign at the future of revenue management and investing in an rms

Meet Rhiannon: RMS Perspectives from Both Sides of the Fence

We thought it would be interesting, to get a perspective on the direction of travel for revenue management, and the part an RMS or pricing solution can play

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human head surrounded by dots reflecting data emphasising how ai augmented decision intelligence is the next paradigm shift in hotel revenue management

The Next Paradigm Shift in Hospitality Revenue Management

Just because an RM system bears an AI moniker in its marketing doesn’t suddenly turn it into a revenue management silver bullet

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hedges in shapes of houses with leaves changing colours reflecting the pressure on seasonal hotels to adopt sophisticated revenue management strategies

Navigating Seasonal Dynamics: How an RMS Empowers Seasonal Hotels

Here is how RMS can specifically cater to these challenges, underscoring their importance in the strategic management of seasonal hotels

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2 people at a white board evaluating a technology solution possibly a hotel rms

7 Tips to Make a Winning Business Case for a New Hotel RMS

If your organization is currently using a legacy RMS system, it may not be able to handle the increasing complexity of today’s revenue management challenges

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose pondering should hotel pricing be automated or not automated and some of the myths around revenue management technology

Myths About Revenue Management Technology

We focus on the five commonly held myths about revenue management technology and why you don’t need to worry

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SWOT Analysis of the Revenue Manager and RMS Technology berner+becker video discussion YouTube Thumbnail

SWOT Analysis of the Revenue Manager and RMS Technology

We look at the various strengths and weaknesses of a Revenue Manager and the strengths and weaknesses of a Revenue Management System (RMS)

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How Hoteliers are Using AI for Revenue Management

The key to revenue management is following data trends and using insights to set the right pricing, AI is perfectly suited to support this hotel function

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car engine depicting how a revenue management system can be the driver of the hotels success

Revenue Management Systems: The Key to Unlocking Hotel Success

Ensuring optimal pricing, predicting market flux, and providing strategic insights, a Revenue Management System aids hotels in carving out a distinct niche

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