5 hot air balloons with one rising higher than the other reflecting a hotel not relying on compsets for its pricing

Stop Using CompSets to Make Pricing Decisions

CompSets themselves are being driven by irrelevant factors like employee emotions and outdated RM systems that are not fit for purpose

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Negative Passenger Demand Trend Continued in February

The IATA announced that passenger traffic fell in February 2021, both compared to pre-COVID levels (Feb 2019) and to the immediate month prior (Jan 2021)

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crm audiences insight score priorityq podcast discussion thumbnail with robert schimmel

The Value of CRM Audiences and Insights to Drive Additional Revenue

Now truly independent within your CRM, Audiences allows for the most detailed segmentation and personalization across all communications

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Creative Solutions for Setting the Hotel Forecast in 2021

As your forecast evolves predicting demand over a certain period, it is crucial to assess the new customer’s behaviour patterns which can impact occupancy

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spain and portugal hotels affected by travel restrictions

Putting the Brakes on Spanish Travel: The Ups, Downs & EU Controversy

Recently, Spain has lost about twenty thousand searches per day. Travelers have abruptly interrupted a travel trend that had been growing for about a month

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US Hotels Weekly Demand Slips, But Still at Pandemic-Era Highs

Versus the previous week, hotels occupancy was down 1.1.% for the week to 57.9%, and was weakest on Wednesday and Thursday but still strong over the weekend

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customer relationships rely on customer data

Customer Relationship Management vs Customer Data Platform

Main difference between Customer Relationship Management and a Customer Data Platform is there in the name: CRM manages relationships, CDP manages data

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Harnessing Data and AI: Five Insights From Leaders at The Frontier

Since the universe of data is so broad, service providers are carving out specialized niches in which they refine a variety of complex and even raw sources

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4 Essential Hotel Metrics Every General Manager Should Track

Managing a hotel requires visibility and insight into your operations from every angle. Understanding hotel metrics, and how to measure them, is key

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Insights on Travel Impact, Middle East and Africa (March)

When compared to 2019, there has been a shift towards domestic travel, with shorter stays, for Eid al-Fitr 2021 in line with current regional restrictions

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