Hotel Overbooking: Balancing Risks and Guest Satisfaction

The decision to engage in hotel overbooking should be carefully considered, striking a balance between maximizing revenue and ensuring guest satisfaction

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sign post saying same old way or something new reflecting the evolution of hotel commercial strategy

From Inventory to Customer, The Evolution of Hotel Commercial Strategy

By assimilating these dimensions, a robust multidimensional data model emerges, empowering Revenue Managers and Commercial Strategists

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Personalization vs Privacy – What do Hotel Guests Prefer?

Personalization has become a hot topic, but the question is, when it comes to personalization vs privacy, what do your hotel guests actually prefer?

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Future of Hotel Distribution is Based on Data-Driven Commercial Strategies

It is time to bid farewell to gut decisions and embark on the path of data-driven hotel distribution, by leveraging data, numbers, and facts

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human head surrounded by dots reflecting data emphasising how important it is for hotel revenue management

Understanding Essential Data in Hotel Revenue Management

By focusing on these broader data trends, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing your revenue management

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lego character looking in panic reflecting how a hoteliers should be concerned about the new digital markets act

Reasons To Be Concerned About New Digital Markets Act

We aim to provide valuable insights into what the new Digital Markets Act means to hoteliers and its possible implications

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Data Privacy Rules Hinder Hotel Quest for Frictionless Experience

Several panelists noted the challenges that varied data privacy regulations around the globe present to hoteliers and deploying new technologies

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Hotellistat "Who Are We" In conversation with Philip and Julia YouTube Interview Thumbnail

Hotellistat “Who Are We”: In conversation with Philip and Julia

Through our conversation you will hear more about Hotellistat as we dig deeper into the backstory, how the company came about and risks taken to get started

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The Correlation Between Guest Sentiment Data and Hotel Bookings

Guest sentiment data is another critical piece of the puzzle that can take hoteliers feedback gathering efforts to new heights

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Hoteliers Guide to First-Party Data Marketing

We will explore what first-party data is, its benefits, and how hotel marketers can leverage it to create exceptional customer experiences

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