How to Boost Hotel Bookings With Your Booking Engine Data

It’s important to remember what a huge part your booking engine plays in your overall direct booking success – especially when OTAs are competing ruthlessly

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3 people working in a hybrid hotel demonstrates the varied inventory needs required to respond to demand

How Hybrids & Hostels Can Rapidly Shift Inventory For Changes in Demand

Hybrids face unique challenges that include complexity of different inventory types in the same building but they also have particularly demanding customers

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Key Trends for Travelers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Search volume lift globally was partially led by travelers in EMEA region, which saw searches up 25%, second only to North American traveler search volume

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APAC Accelerated Tourism Recovery for April and Beyond

Though the resurgence of the Asian travel and tourism sector will vary per market, encouraging signs of a rebound are starting to emerge

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Are We Heading For An RM-Ageddon?

Revenue Management needs to evolve, the focus should be on most recent data of traveller behaviour to recalibrate the expected booking curve

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to understand and make the most of their demand data

Understand And Make The Most of Your Demand Data

When analysing direct sales, don’t overlook the booking request data you receive, both the total requests and the requests you’re unable to fulfil

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Travel Searches Surge as Restrictions Ease: Q1 Travel Trend Report

Not only did search windows lengthen, but travel was being planned further out for both domestic and international trips, as view turns to mid-year holidays

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atomize and trivago data partnership announcement thumbnail image

Atomize Announce a Data Partnership with Trivago

Search data from trivago will enhance Atomize’s demand modeling and generate more revenue by optimizing rates in response to real-time market demand

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lybra greece tourism low season article graph thumbnail image

Tourism in Greece: Time to Think About the Low Season

According to flight research data, demand for low season flights in Greece began to form as early as end of February, before growing significantly in March

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The Future Looks Bright for Group Business – Are You Ready?

Meetings shifted into slightly larger categories. This is a sign of recovery as it shows people are getting more comfortable meeting in larger group numbers

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