different coloured dots joined up reflecting importance of aligning data from a fragmented booking funnel

How to Create Alignment From a Fragmented Booking Funnel

The more vendors and programs you are using in the booking funnel, the more data sets you will need to weed through to determine the best course of action

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New Data Sources To Help Commercial Teams Make Better Decisions

The need for data continues to evolve as we focus on the digital first guest and their ever evolving needs. Meaningful data has many advantages for hotels

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Using Always-On Strategies to Complement Seasonal Campaigns

Always-on marketing uses first-party data to segment your audiences and then analyzes the intent signals to understand how and when to engage with them

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hotel woman guest on a mobile

Guest Booking Behaviour: How to Leverage Data to Adapt to New Trends

Guest booking behavior has shifted, and previously well-established travel patterns have been replaced by new, unfamiliar ones

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Will Business Travel Ever Completely Return?

Sentiment suggests a return to pre-COVID levels of business travel may never occur. If it does recover the segment composition will probably look different

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Using First Party Data and Personalization to Build Loyalty

. Loyalty isn’t created overnight. It’s a relationship that requires first-party data, a multichannel strategy, and personalization

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How Hotels Can Generate Repeat Business with First Party Data

Leveraging first party data, driving production efficiently, and creating optimized websites are crucial to bringing back repeat guests

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words about data under a window ledge reflecting the importance of data analytics to a hotel's performance

How to Use Data Analytics to Improve Your Hotel Performance

Data analytics have all sorts of applications, among them is finding ways to increase revenue, save costs and improve guest satisfaction

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How to Diversify Hotel Revenue Using Business Intelligence

Hotel managers who already have BI software should be challenged to think more creatively about its use and ability to drive property revenue

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European Hotel Profit Tops 2019 Levels

Europe’s hotels are now back to pre-pandemic profit levels. With GOPPAR hitting €95.28 in June 2022, slightly higher than the same month in 2019

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