U.K. Leading Europe in Hotel Performance Recovery

While we should celebrate the improvement in hotel performance, we also need to remain realistic that we are a way off from the performance we saw in 2019

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different coloured balls showing variety of hotels and importance of benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Insider Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

It is worthwhile to look beyond the traditional idea of a compset when benchmarking your hotel and consider dynamic compsets

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Steady Rise in Business Travel Demand But Policies Still Hamper Return

More companies are willing and returning to business travel, with domestic travel leading, but international Travel still hindered by government policies

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car parking spaces for car rental companies to generate revenue

Intelligent Data Insights: Putting Car Rental Operators In The Driving Seat

We have developed a solution to specifically address the challenges facing the car rental industry. The result is Fornova Mobility Intelligence (FornovaMI)

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How Restaurants Are Using Data and Analytics to Increase Profits

Let’s take a closer look at what data analytics are, how they affect the various aspects of a restaurant, and how you can use them to increase your revenue

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Google Highlights Tools and Partnership to Help Travel Recover and Thrive

The travel sector is beginning to show recovery signs. There are two free Google tools within Travel Insights that provide rich data and actionable insights

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Travel Takes Flight in Europe: Spotlight on 3 Key Destination Markets

European travel is beginning to see the green shoots. In stark contrast to consumer searches over summer 2020, hotel and flight searches are now increasing

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video thumbnail image of conversation with beonprice and juyo analytics about exciting new partnership

Beonprice and Juyo Analytics Announce an Exciting New Partnership

The two tech companies have formed a partnership to combine the strategic vision of Juyo with the operational vision of Beonprice in one integrated solution

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privacy protection is impacting email marketing

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

With third-party data and many traditional email metrics gone for good, this first-party data is going to be vital to the success of marketing efforts

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How F&B Data Can Drive More Revenue For Hotel Groups

Integrating PMS and TMS data has the potential of driving up revenue per available room. This emerging trend is bound to become a staple in the industry

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