Summer Outlook: Global Air Travel Is Set To Recover 65% in Q3

Helpfully for the travel industry and for many destinations, American travellers are planning to stay longer and spend more than they did in 2019

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Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures Lybra article image

Greece on Course to Beat 2019 Travel Visitor Figures

On one hand, we have consolidated demand; on the other, travel intentions. The data on travel intentions seems to confirm forecasts for overtaking of 2022

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Break Down Your Guest Segmentation Like A Pro.

One of the greatest challenges in modern hotel revenue management is breaking down data silos so you can access clean and accurate data for segmentation

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Hotels Weekly ADR 20% or More Above 2019 

Taking a deeper look at how industry ADR is being driven, we found 40% of hotels had a weekly ADR that was 20% or more above 2019 comparables

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sign post saying same old way or sometghin new reflecting how hotels need to review the way they benchmark their website performance

Hotel Website Performance: Just Look at Your Own or Competitors Too?

Looking at a hotel’s direct channel website performance in isolation can lead to mediocre results and may not give you the best picture of the business

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lybra UK and US tourist destinations article thumbnail

UK & US Tourist: Everyone Wants Them, But Where Will They Go?

European tourist destinations are the ones craving most for British and Americans and they are trying to glean as much market information as possible

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Europe’s Luxury Hotels Bounce Back from the Bottom

Though luxury hotels are typically the first segment to feel the sting of calamity, they, on average, have a sharper recovery compared to other segments

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U.S. RevPAR Forecasted to Recover Fully in 2022

Occupancy for 2022 is projected to come in under the pre-pandemic comparable, while ADR and RevPAR forecasted at $14 and $6 higher than 2019, respectively

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Business Travel is Back, But Pre-Pandemic Levels Still Some Way Off

Business travel is recovering, although a complete recovery remains a way off. And changes in workplace and workstyle reveal a new business travel landscape

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How to Rethink Marketing Strategies with First-Party Data in Mind

First-party data is key to understand how customers are interacting. It’s also crucial to decide which touchpoints should be tracked during the user journey

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